Workspace + Other Things

I’ve wanted to make a post about my work space for a while now and finally decided to make a post about it! I’ve always found work spaces really fascinating and although this isn’t my only work space, I thought it would be fun to share.

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Life Update: Episode 3

I started my internship this week at the Downtown library. It’s on the 7th floor and I have a great view of the city –

I mentioned this previously but it’s my first time working in special collections/archives so I feel like I’m making mistakes, even though I’m probably not. Maybe. One of the collections my supervisor is having me work on isn’t the most exciting collection ever–a lot of meeting notes and things–but time passes by really quickly! It’s so interesting. Maybe it’s the lull of organizing papers? LOL I’m not entirely sure but so far I’m really liking the work!

One of the reasons I also decided to try out special collections/archives is because I like independent work more than I like interaction work. And people interaction is something I would have to do a lot if I decided to work in public libraries. Anyways! It’ only been two days, but so far so good.

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Review: Everlane Modern Snap Backpack

As a brand, Everlane believes in transparent pricing. This means they want you to know what you’re paying for. I think it’s a pretty neat concept! They are a bit pricey but at least they like being obvious about it. The backpack is the first item I ordered from their store but I was impressed by how quickly I got my item and I’ve always heard lots of great things about their store.

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