Life Diary: Episode 10

Wow, almost a month has passed by since I last posted. At first I was really worried about not posting regularly, but I decided to just post when I want to post instead of stressing out over it. I do want to get better at commenting though but since this is my last year at graduate school, I’ve been a little busier (on top of my internship) and am having a little troubling balancing everything.

Anyways! I finally developed my roll of film. This has pictures from up to summer, so one roll lasted a really long time! Only because I never go anywhere… haha

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Life With Unstable Wifi

Ah, where has the time gone?

I wanted my next post to be a more meaningful and personal post but I decided to save the post for next time. I just wanted to update where I am and what I’ve been doing (aside from spamming my Twitter feed with Nu’est related items). The first is that as everyone may or may not know, my family moved a few months back. 

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September Review!

It’s already the end of the month, so I thought I would post about my September, while a few other posts are still being drafted. In blog related news, I had to change my Wordpress theme because my previous one was made from a generic Wordpress theme. Like a fool, I edited the actual theme, instead of a child theme, and once the theme was updated all my edits/changes were gone.

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