Life Update: Episode 8

I haven’t done a life update post in a while and thought it would be a good idea. I would also like to shout out and give special thanks to Chynna, Brandy, Claudine, Tannya, Pauline, Tara and Gom for their heartwarming comments <3

Life, in general

The situation with my dad continues to be the same. We’re also preparing to move. We currently own the home we live in, so we have to sell the home we live in before we can move in someplace else. We’re not moving far but my grandma recently moved in and so we’ve been trying to find a 4-room home.

School is almost over. The last week is the first week of June. I’ve been lazier about doing my schoolwork but it has also been getting busier. Which isn’t a good combination and partly the reason why I haven’t been active in the blogosphere. I’m trying to be more organized about my life though. I figured that just because I’ve been feeling more depressed lately, doesn’t mean I should be lazy about the way I approach things or situations.

Later this month is Memorial Day weekend. My dad wants to go on a trip and that Saturday, my church is having their First Communion retreat. I’m so excited for Sunday School to be over! I’m hoping not to do it again next year but I haven’t had my one-on-one with my priest yet.


I bought a mini tripod and am planing on getting a shutter release cable for my film camera. I found that film isn’t very good for taking photos in dim lighting or at nighttime. So I thought buying a tripod and a shutter release cable might help me take better pictures at night.

I also haven’t had many opportunities to take pictures with my film camera but now that the weather is nicer and summer is approaching, I’m hoping that’ll change!


I am currently reading a fantasy novel called Bone Doll’s Twin. The book has a dark premise and I’m not quite sure what I think of it yet. The beginning of the book was really sad though. I was reading the book on the bus and had to resist crying, aha. So I ended up sniffling instead – which isn’t much better.

Sometimes the price of destiny is higher than anyone imagined….

Dark Magic, Hidden Destiny

For three centuries a divine prophecy and a line of warrior queens protected Skala. But the people grew complacent and Erius, a usurper king, claimed his young half sister’s throne.

Now plague and drought stalk the land, war with Skala’s ancient rival Plenimar drains the country’s lifeblood, and to be born female into the royal line has become a death sentence as the king fights to ensure the succession of his only heir, a son. For King Erius the greatest threat comes from his own line — and from Illior’s faithful, who spread the Oracle’s words to a doubting populace.

As noblewomen young and old perish mysteriously, the king’s nephew — his sister’s only child — grows toward manhood. But unbeknownst to the king or the boy, strange, haunted Tobin is the princess’s daughter, given male form by a dark magic to protect her until she can claim her rightful destiny.

Only Tobin’s noble father, two wizards of Illior, and an outlawed forest witch know the truth. Only they can protect young Tobin from a king’s wrath, a mother’s madness, and the terrifying rage of her brother’s demon spirit, determined to avenge his brutal murder….

The book has bits of necromancy, which is really interesting because it’s not something you see that often in fantasy books.


And that’s all! I haven’t been watching any good TV shows lately and I’ve been reading the same old comics. I saw the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie and it was really good! For those who haven’t see the movie yet – highly recommended.

Thanks for reading!