Life Update: Episode 5

It actually wasn’t that long ago but it still feels like I have blogged in forever.

This is just a short reflection but I’ve been re-reading my favorite books, The Stormlight Archive, and was thinking why do I like these books so much? A lot of the times, I hear people saying that they like certain books because they’re relatable. But what does it mean when a book is relatable? And then I realized that maybe “relatable” means something different for every reader. For me, “relatable” means relatable characters. I know lots of people who dislike fantasy because everything isn’t real. It’s make believe. But for me, fantasy is a genre that’s limitless. It’s where writers can show off the creativity of human imagination and transport you to a world that is completely unlike your own.

So how can a world that is completely unlike your own be relatable?

And I realized that (for me) characters have to be someone you can relate to. Personally, I have a hard time reading books that don’t have 3D characters. They don’t have to be likable but I have to be able to believe they could be actual people. Of course, there have to be other factors. Unexpected plots points help. But characters are really important. Often epic fantasy features a lot of characters. Like a lot, a lot. It’s one of the reasons I can’t read Game of Thrones because there are too many characters who feel like the main character. I like Sanderson because even though there are different viewpoints, you know (for now at least) there are only 3 main characters.

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Sketches No.2 + Other Things

I called the post before this “Sketch Dump” but I didn’t want to stick with that name, so am currently experimenting to see which one sounds the best. I got these new frames for my bristol cards and discovered that they’re actually framed cards! I would like to send them out to people I know, so maybe I’ll do that once my inking/drawing skills improve.

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Appreciation Post: Blogging Community

When I think about what to write about on my blog, they’re usually on-the-spur ideas. I don’t plan out my posts, even though I would like to, but only because those never come to fruition. I was sitting at work, looking at blogs (as usual), and came to the realization of the fact that I really appreciate my blog and the blogging community that comes with it.

I don’t remember exactly when I started blogging (sometime in middle school) but I do remember that, back then, blogging was an outlet. I live in a low-income household and my family moved home to home because of our financial situation. I went to 4 different middle schools and I think keeping a blog was an outlet for all the stress going on in my life. When I was in middle school and high school, I coped with stress and depression by basically ranting and realizing that even complete strangers will empathize with you. Amazing!

I may not be very active outside of my own blog but realizing that there’s a community with actual people with actual thoughts is something I’m very thankful for sometimes. As a person, I’m not very social. I find it really hard to interact with groups of people and the only people I’m really comfortable around are my family and people who are practically like family. I’m always paranoid that people are judging me based on first impressions (which aren’t that great) or my personality and the fact that people who know my dad (people who go to church with our family) judge our family and our father because of his often aggressive personality and love of alcohol. I have had personal experience with people who pretend like everything is fine when they’re right in front of you but are often the start of a rumor mill because they’re talking about my family when we’re not there.

Within the blogging community, it’s really hard to judge someone based on first impressions because blogs are all about content. And content tells you a lot about a person. You realize that all these people behind these blogs are people with real problems and concerns, who are trudging through life the same way you are and that realization is really comforting. Not only that but the fact that everyone out there is trying to live life the best way they can, and knowing that, makes me want to try harder at life too. I want to be a more positive person and keep trying my best, even though my “best” doesn’t feel like enough sometimes.

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