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Sketch of the Day No. 3

December 22, 2016/Art/8 Comments

As you can see, I’m still experimenting with names. I can’t seem to settle on a good title.

I’ve also discovered a pet peeve, particularly about black markers and pens. Did you know that even black comes in different shades? Yes, yes it does. So if the markers or pens you get from one company are black and then you get another from a different company, the black marker or pen won’t match! *pulls hair out* I used Faber-Castell pens and one from ShinHanart and the blacks didn’t match. I wish there was a universal black. Like, if you’re only going to have one shade of black, can we keep that shade of black the same??

I’ve also been difficulty with streaks. How do you not make your drawing “streaky”? (You can’t really tell in this photo because I made the picture darker.)

As weird as this sounds, both these new discoveries make me kind of happy because it means that my practicing has been paying off, aha. I still need to branch out by drawing different subjects but I figured it also doesn’t hurt to draw what makes me happy. And Damian Wayne makes me happy, so I drew him and Titus!

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Sketches No.2 + Other Things

November 6, 2016/Art/7 Comments

I called the post before this “Sketch Dump” but I didn’t want to stick with that name, so am currently experimenting to see which one sounds the best. I got these new frames for my bristol cards and discovered that they’re actually framed cards! I would like to send them out to people I know, so maybe I’ll do that once my inking/drawing skills improve.

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Sketch Dump #1

September 13, 2016/Art/4 Comments

I recently got a set of new grey markers and I’ve been using them to sketch on bristol paper cards. I also drew Silk but gave that one to my sister so sadly don’t have a picture of that one. I thought I would show them off on my blog because I don’t have anywhere else to show them off, haha.

Thanks for all the comments on my previous post. I normally don’t like being negative but sometimes it’s nice to hear what other people think and knowing that other people are also in similar situations.

Anyways, here are the Joker and Damian Wayne (Robin)! I’m particularly proud of the Joker. My hand started cramping half way though because of all the little lines. Right now I’ve only been doing fan art but maybe I’ll get good enough to make my own!

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