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Movie Reflection: Silence

February 14, 2017/Blog/9 Comments

I watched this movie with my fellow Sunday School teachers and our priest and the plot really stayed with me, so I decided to share my thoughts! I normally don’t write posts about my religious beliefs because to be honest, writing about it makes me uncomfortable. I respect everyone’s beliefs and I don’t want to make it seem as if I’m judging someone based on my own beliefs or that I’m imposing my beliefs on another person. So this post is merely a reflection on a movie that really stayed with me even after it was over. This post contains minor spoilers!

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Navigating Between Two Cultures

February 8, 2017/Life/17 Comments

I’m sure a lot of people can relate with this but I’ve always felt like I’ve been pulled in two separate directions. Among family and most my friends (now that I think about it) are Korean and every other part of my life, I’m American.

Growing up, I’ve always been told “You’re Korean!”

Yet when I talk to them, they always feel the need to explain what they’re saying in Korean because they think I don’t understand what they’re saying – I do. And it’s not like I don’t agree with them because I’m actually really proud of my Korean heritage. I think this is true especially because I’m American and I’m surrounded by many people who don’t know their full heritage. There’s also the fact that no one looks at me and automatically assumes that I’m American. They look at me and one of the first questions they ask is, “Where are you from?” Like it hadn’t occurred to them that I would every answer this question as, “I’m from the United States.”

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Life Update + Reflections: Episode 6

January 12, 2017/Blog/18 Comments

So originally this post was called “Why Are People Prejudiced” but I decided to edit the post and combine my reflection post with my Life Update post. Making this a really long post, but it’s divided into sections, so if you don’t want to read the whole thing that’s totally…

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