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(Noob’s) Review: Olympus OM-1

February 18, 2017/Blog/8 Comments

Are you as excited as I am to write this post?? Because I am so excited to talk about the film camera I got a few weeks ago. First, I love my camera so much. I am so glad I got it even though I was broke afterwards, haha.

This is just a short disclaimer before I write a review on my experience. I am in no way a photographer. And I don’t think I will be. I know people define the word differently but that’s just the way I define it. I like to consider myself a film enthusiast And part of the reason I decided I wanted to learn how to take photos manually was because I was thinking of different ways to improve and change my blog.

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Movie Reflection: Silence

February 14, 2017/Blog/9 Comments

I watched this movie with my fellow Sunday School teachers and our priest and the plot really stayed with me, so I decided to share my thoughts! I normally don’t write posts about my religious beliefs because to be honest, writing about it makes me uncomfortable. I respect everyone’s beliefs and I don’t want to make it seem as if I’m judging someone based on my own beliefs or that I’m imposing my beliefs on another person. So this post is merely a reflection on a movie that really stayed with me even after it was over. This post contains minor spoilers!

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Review: Everlane Modern Snap Backpack

September 30, 2016/Blog/10 Comments

As a brand, Everlane believes in transparent pricing. This means they want you to know what you’re paying for. I think it’s a pretty neat concept! They are a bit pricey but at least they like being obvious about it. The backpack is the first item I ordered from their store but I was impressed by how quickly I got my item and I’ve always heard lots of great things about their store.

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