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Top Four Hidden Gems (or Books You May Not Know)

January 18, 2017/Blog/19 Comments

These are books that I think haven’t got much recognition but I feel deserve more. I’ve rated all of these books 4+ stars (or at least in my head I have). I originally tried to be as diverse as possible, genre-wise, but I only just started trying reading outside my favorite genres, so I didn’t succeed. But then again, I only know about these books because I read so much fantasy, so this list wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t like fantasy as a genre so much, haha.

Here’s a short summary (or key words) of each book and then longer summaries, along with some short personal thoughts about each book, if any catch your interest.

Nice Dragons Finish Last: Dragon Shapeshifters, Urban Fantasy, Mages, Spirits
The Legend of Eli Monpress: Wizards, Thieves, Swordsman, Demons, Goddesses
Deadly Class: Assassins, Assassin High School, 1980s, San Francisco, Graphic Novel
Brave Story: For RPG/Manga Fans, Adventure, Quest

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Another Reason I Love Brandon Sanderson

December 28, 2016/Blog/2 Comments

Brandon Sanderson recently did an interview, that you can read here, and reading his interview reaffirmed my love for his books, for his work ethic and also reminded me about why I love fantasy as a genre so much. I’ve probably said that Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author at least a thousand times but I figured another wouldn’t hurt. Here are a couple of quotes that I felt really resonated with me as a reader.

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Review: The Vegetarian by Han Kang

June 9, 2016/Blog/2 Comments

I don’t usually read books like this but picked up a copy because I read a lot of good reviews on it. I also wanted to read more international books, and what better country to start with than the motherland?

The book is broken up into three parts, with three different viewpoints about the main character, Yeong-hye. The author doesn’t tell you who the viewpoints are at first, so it can be a bit unsettling when you realize that a different person is thinking and speaking (all of a sudden). It makes a lot more sense once you realize that the book was originally published in three novelettes.

The point of views featured in the book are: Yeong-hye’s husband, Yeong-hye’s sister’s husband and Yeong-hye’s sister. Honestly her sister was the most “normal” person as both Yeong-hye’s husband and In-hye’s husband were disturbing people.

I wouldn’t re-read the book (honestly, it was kind of weird) but the novel itself had a lot of deep messages. In some ways, I felt like it was an allegory on South Korean culture. Kang touched upon the treatment of mental illnesses in society and in the family, about meat culture, about the role of a man and a woman, about vegetarians living in a meat-loving society, and even about familial love.

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