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My Favorite Things – January

February 1, 2017/Blog/17 Comments

So it’s not February yet but it will be tomorrow and so I decided to go ahead and post this, haha. January, overall, was pretty uneventful but thought I would do a favorites post for all the great things I encountered and discovered. So here are my favorites from the month of January –

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Another Reason I Love Brandon Sanderson

December 28, 2016/Blog/2 Comments

Brandon Sanderson recently did an interview, that you can read here, and reading his interview reaffirmed my love for his books, for his work ethic and also reminded me about why I love fantasy as a genre so much. I’ve probably said that Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author at least a thousand times but I figured another wouldn’t hurt. Here are a couple of quotes that I felt really resonated with me as a reader.

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My Favorite Things – September

September 14, 2016/Blog/10 Comments

Amazingly, I’m not late for this month’s link-up hosted by Raisa and Eirene! I actually have a few favorites this month but sadly no book to add to the list (which I try to do). So if anyone has read a good book recently, I would love a recommendation!

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