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Hello, my name is Rezina! Currently, I am in the Information and Library Science program over at the University of Washington. Hopefully one day I’ll be using my degree to go on to become a children’s librarian. I’m an avid reader, a persistent writer and a web enthusiast.

I’m normally a quiet person, shy around strangers and bad at conversations, but surprisingly blogs suit me best. I’m a thinker and usually by the time words sputter out of my brain, conversations are long over. I like mulling over my thoughts and being given time replying to other people’s thoughts.

I enjoy reading epic fantasy books the most (Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author, after J.K. Rowling), I binge on Korean dramas and laugh obnoxiously when watching variety shows. Comic books will always remain close to my heart, especially Batman (and Damien Wayne) and I like all kinds of comics, including American, Japanese, and Korean webtoons.

Despite having an English Literature degree under my belt, grammar is my worst enemy. Secretly, I fancy myself being an adventure seeker and one day I’ll cross some items on my to-do list (which include bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, and diving out of airplanes).

If you would like to find me elsewhere, I’m also on twitter.


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  • Iffah / September 28, 2016 / Reply

    Hey hello! It’s so cool that you’re studying under Information and Library Science! I’ve always wanted to work as a librarian myself, being an avid reader and all that !

    But I have since focused much more energy into studying Web Development to get a career in that field.

    I feel like some of your descriptions of yourself resonates with me thus my interest in reading your blog :)

    • (Author) Rezina / September 28, 2016 / Reply

      Thanks so much Iffah! I’ve always wanted to study web development too!

  • Diamond / February 10, 2017 / Reply

    Hi, I was wondering… Do you happen to be Rezina Park?

    • Diamond / February 10, 2017 / Reply

      I mean, who used to own Rezina’s Rants (https://rezinaco.wordpress.com/) before.

    • (Author) Rezina / February 10, 2017 / Reply

      That’s my name so that must be me lol. It must have been when I was in middle school. Was my blog really called Rezina’s Rants? That’s pretty embarrassing haha >.>

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