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Life Update + Reflections: Episode 6

January 12, 2017/Blog/18 Comments

So originally this post was called “Why Are People Prejudiced” but I decided to edit the post and combine my reflection post with my Life Update post. Making this a really long post, but it’s divided into sections, so if you don’t want to read the whole thing that’s totally…

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Representation Matters

January 5, 2017/Blog/12 Comments

I thought I would briefly introduce the page “100 Books for 2017” that I’ve had up for a couple weeks now.

As many people who read my blog know, I really like to read. But I usually only stick with the genres that interest me, which are fantasy and romance or anything in-between. I don’t really expect to read 100 books in one year. The number isn’t really the important part but rather to set my goals on a high number, so I try to fit reading into my free time whenever I can. One of my long-lasting goals, not just for this year, is to become a better reader and a better writer. And one way I can accomplish both goals is by reading more. And not just more of the same genre but also a variety of different books.

I think that by reading a variety of different books, I’ll discover new perspectives, stories and ideas that I wouldn’t encounter by just reading fantasy or romance.

So yeah. That’s what that page is for. If I really enjoy a book or have strong feelings for a book, I may write a review but otherwise, it’s just a page to document what kinds of books I’m reading throughout the year. At the end of the year, I’m thinking about trying and making an infographic of all the different books I have read but since that’s still a year away, it’s sort of a far-off project.

But that’s not why I started this post! I actually planned out 10 posts until the end of March but saw this circulating the internet and thought I would share this (spontaneously) with everyone else.

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The Year 2016 and What’s Next

December 30, 2016/Blog/13 Comments

I decided to do one of these, since I’ve been loving all the different ones that I’ve been seeing across various blogs! It was really interesting to look back on the year and determine what I’ve done and what I want to change for the next year. It’s also a great chance to review previous posts and realize that wow, I haven’t posted as much as I thought I did?

Anyways, here is my brief year in review –

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