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Another Reason I Love Brandon Sanderson

December 28, 2016/Blog/2 Comments

Brandon Sanderson recently did an interview, that you can read here, and reading his interview reaffirmed my love for his books, for his work ethic and also reminded me about why I love fantasy as a genre so much. I’ve probably said that Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author at least a thousand times but I figured another wouldn’t hurt. Here are a couple of quotes that I felt really resonated with me as a reader.

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Sketch of the Day No. 3

December 22, 2016/Art/8 Comments

As you can see, I’m still experimenting with names. I can’t seem to settle on a good title.

I’ve also discovered a pet peeve, particularly about black markers and pens. Did you know that even black comes in different shades? Yes, yes it does. So if the markers or pens you get from one company are black and then you get another from a different company, the black marker or pen won’t match! *pulls hair out* I used Faber-Castell pens and one from ShinHanart and the blacks didn’t match. I wish there was a universal black. Like, if you’re only going to have one shade of black, can we keep that shade of black the same??

I’ve also been difficulty with streaks. How do you not make your drawing “streaky”? (You can’t really tell in this photo because I made the picture darker.)

As weird as this sounds, both these new discoveries make me kind of happy because it means that my practicing has been paying off, aha. I still need to branch out by drawing different subjects but I figured it also doesn’t hurt to draw what makes me happy. And Damian Wayne makes me happy, so I drew him and Titus!

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The Blogger Persona vs Being an Introvert

December 17, 2016/Blog/13 Comments

Is it just me or is it awkward every time you leave a first comment on someone’s blog? It feels weird leaving a comment not introducing myself but it also feels weird introducing myself, so I usually do something in-between that stills ends up sounding strangely awkward. I’ve been trying to comment on blogs I never comment on but read all the time, but I don’t know how to start. The struggle is real.

Thinking about this made me think about my blogger persona. This also might just be a “me” thing but the way I come off through my blog, may not be the same way I come across if you were to meet me in person. In person, I’m terrible starting and continuing conversations. And this is something I only recently found out after someone told me that they knew I wasn’t interested in talking to them because I never returned the questions they asked me. Being in social groups is hard, both small groups and large groups and I’m only really comfortable with a couple people, one being my sister. That doesn’t mean I don’t try to be social. I do! Only if you were to give me a choice of reading a book vs having dinner with a friend, I would probably be more comfortable reading a book by myself.

Through my blog, I’m able to meet new people, the way I wouldn’t be able to if I were to meet anyone in person. I’m also able to write out my thoughts and interests and not have to worry if the person I’m talking to will find any of the things I’m talking about interesting or worth listening to or not. Because of the way I’m able to express myself, anyone who reads my blog knows me a little better than someone who doesn’t (unless you’re my sister).

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