August Favorites

We finally got internet! I also have been coming home late, so I haven’t even had time to read  I recently did an art trade with Cat, which you can view her post about the art trade, as well as her art journey here.

Anyways, here are my favorites for the month!

1. Jonghyun/Onibugi/JR

On the subject of my favorite people – I realized that I have a number of favorite people where

  1. I’ve never met face-to-face and they don’t even know I exist
  2. “People” that exist inside books and inside my imagination.

But does that make them any less powerful? This month I discovered Nu-est 1.

I feel like everyone has “that” celebrity in their life and mine is Jonghyun/JR from Nu’est LOL One factoid about me is that I listen to a lot of Korean music, mainly because it’s easily accessible and easy to find new music (that isn’t mainstream Western music). My sister knows a lot of music that’s not Korean and I always end up asking her “How do you find these??”

Anyways. With the added bonus of being able to understand Korean, I don’t have to wait for subtitles to come out to enjoy Korean shows. I ended up watching a lot of Youtube videos and ended up falling into a deep dark hole that’s what she said. The K-Pop industry (for those of you who don’t know) is saturated with K-Pop idols who never become famous. Nu’est was one of those idols and on top of that they’ve been in the industry for 6 years but tried their best not to disband. They’ve recently seen a lot of popularity.. So, fair warning, I may squeal when Nu’est makes their comeback or wins an award for the first time 

2. Marymond

Marymond2 is an online shop that donates a portion of their profits to organizations that support former Korean comfort women. I recently bought a few bracelets and a t-shirt and was pleased at how fast they arrived! I really like the products I bought, so I may purchase some more items from them.

Marymond’s human branding project “Flower Grandmas” is dedicated to the Korean victims of Japanese sexual slavery during the Japanese Colonial Era. Each grandma has been given a beautiful flower which fits and sheds new light on each of their qualities and characteristics.

One of the flowers they use is the Rose of Sharon Hibiscus flower. Some fun facts about the Hibiscus flower and its relationship to Korea:

  • » The Rose of Sharon is the national flower of South Korea
  • » It became the national flower during the Japanese Colonial Era and was chosen by the Korean people
  • » Koreans planted the flower as a sign of the dreams of indepedence and was a symbol of resistance

So it makes sense that one of the flowers they chose to represent their company is the Rose of Sharon flower! Side note: I translated that little blurb from this little information tri-fold they sent with me and my conclusion: translating is hard.

3. Water Brushes

I used to use black markers for my ink drawings to cover up large spaces. I did have a watercolor brush, but the ones appropriate/best for ink are really expensive and I don’t know how to take care of the brushes properly. And the downside to black markers is that depending on what brand you’re using, all the markers have different shades of black. What?? I know. It’s ridiculous! I feel like all generic black markers should use the same shade of black.

But I recently discovered something called a “water brush”. Water brushes have a little reservoir for water and a synthetic brush. You squeeze the reservoir and you can use it for watercolors. But you can also fill the reservoir with ink! Which is the amazing part. So I tested it out and it works so great I want to cry LOL

I set it on my desk to see if the ink would dry out on the brush but it stayed okay all weekend! So yeah. I also bought a watercolor set and the set came with an extra water color brush, so I’m excited to test those out as well! And my Surface Book comes with pressure sensitivity, so I’m also excited to try out digital drawing. Maybe I’ll do a comparison post to show all the different medias I’m playing around with.

The only problem is I always have trouble picking a subject to draw. Which is why I really liked doing the art trade with Cat. If anyone is interested in doing one, let me know! Because it was a lot of fun 

4. Mistral Lychee Rose Hand Cream

I bought this from Anthropology, although I did a quick Google search and it looks like Mistral has an online shop as well.

Enriched with 20% Organic Shea Butter & Sweet Almond Oil to moisturize, sooth and nourish dry skin.

The combination of lychee and roses makes the hand cream smell soooo good. It doesn’t feel too greasy and a little goes a long way. If you’re looking for a new hand cream, I recommend this one! They have different scents as well but I think the lychee rose is my favorite. Side story: the salesperson selling this to us didn’t know what lychee was. We had to explain to her that it’s a fruit and we were just like… you don’t know what lychee is??


I decided not to do a end of the month review because I did one for mid-August. There also isn’t a favorite book for this post because I didn’t do a lot of reading this month. This upcoming weekend is a 3-day holiday because of Labor Day on Monday. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. I might help my sister decorate her classroom!

Thanks for reading!

  1. Gifs are from Night Goblin, a Korean variety show

6 thoughts on “August Favorites

  • Glad you finally got internet at home! Man, I need to make sure they’re at my future home the first day so I don’t need to rely on cell phone data. I saw the art trade you had with Cat. Such cute drawings!

    With all of the platforms available in the music industry these days, it’s great that it’s easy to find new Korean music! I used to listen to K-pop except I didn’t know the lyrics mean until I looked for a translation @___@. OMG. Marymond has a lot of cute products! I like how they donate part of their proceeds. It definitely makes the upmark (if any) totally worth it.

    I have watercolor brushes too! Looking forward to seeing some of your neat art in the future ;).

  • I am thinking of getting something from Marymond. Thank you for introducing it to me and also glad that they donate some money to so important.

  • Love this post and I love those Kpop stars. They are so young and talented and cute, too! Also glad you have internet back! I personally love K indie more than Kpop but I listen to it anyways.

  • Yay for finally having Internet! Boo for coming home late, though X_X

    Maryland is something new to me, so thanks for introducing it to me. I like how it donates some of its profit to orgs that support the former comfort women. Gotta love how they use mugunghwa (which is fitting) for their designs :D

    I’m not an artsy person, so I am not sure what this water brush is, but it sounds like a useful tool for you! Glad you discovered it.

    Hope things will be less hectic for you in September and that you will do some reading in your free time!

  • Great news that you have the internet! :D Your art looks great that you sent to Cat! :D

    Marymond sounds like such a great shop that has a great cause!

    Waterbrushes are so handy! It’s great to be able to not have to redip the brush and have some control over how much water you use. I hope you can find a subject to draw. :D

  • Yay, I’m glad you have internet now! I’m also happy that we did an art trade together! I’m totally up for doing another one after I finish dealing with my recent photoshoots. Now that I have practice with a color medium, I think it’d be fun to do a color art trade next!

    Ohh, that’s great that Marymond donates some of their profits. Their designs are so pretty and soft. I wish I could read their site though!

    I’ve seen some artists with water brushes for watercolor, and I’ve been wondering if I should get one too. I actually have one for cake decorating, since you can use water to stick fondant pieces to each other. I never thought about filling it with ink instead of water! That’s nifty that it works out for you that way.

    Aahh, I love lychee flavors and scents. I didn’t know that there was a lotion with lychee scent! Now I really want one!

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