Books for 2018

All the books I’ve read in the year 2018 will be documented here. For books read in 2017, please check that out here.

Print books are documented with one * and e-books are documented with two **.

Rating System

I rate books based on how much I liked it and how unique I thought the story was. So, if you don’t like the same books I do then my rating system probably isn’t that reliable for you!

  • 5 Stars: This book was awesome! Definitely one of my favorite books.
  • 4 Stars: This book was pretty good. Would re-read but not necessarily a favorite.
  • 3 Stars: This book was okay. Enjoyed the book but didn’t see anything special or new.
  • 2 Stars: This book was okay. Didn’t enjoy the book.
  • 1 Stars: I didn’t enjoy the book at all. Would definitely not re-read and may have stopped before finishing the book.

Favorite Authors

My list of favorite authors is incomplete because I’m always reading new books. But here is a list of my current favorite authors (that everyone should check out)!

  1. J.K. Rowling
  2. Brandon Sanderson
  3. V.E./Victoria Schwab

New Books

Books are ordered by the date I read them. To see the list sorted by genre, please click here.

1Cruel PrinceHolly BlackYA Fantasy★★★★★
2EverlessSara HollandYA Fantasy★★★★
3The City of BrassS.A. ChakrabortyFantasy★★★★★
4SkybornLeia StoneYA Fantasy★★★

Re-Read Books

To be updated.