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This is something that occurred to me one day, before I went to bed.

On my blog I do a few reflections. I probably do at least a couple reflections per month. This isn’t anything I planned – just something that happened. However, I wanted to talk about human life experiences. I believe that every human is different. Every single human has lived life differently than another person. They’ve gone through different personal experiences that make them, them.

That goes for me and that goes for anyone reading this post. Even those who haven’t read this post!

And because each human experience is different, there are life approaches that work differently for every individual.

When I do personal reflections, they’re judgements I make about my own character. If you relate in some way to these reflections, great! And if you feel you’ve gone through some of those experiences but have a different opinion, that’s awesome too! What I’m trying to say is that there is no “wrong” or “right” approach.

There is just a “you” approach.

Each and every human and every animal and every plant and even every bug are beautiful individuals. And I’m not talking about the physical sense but in every other sense.

So I want to tell anyone reading this – you are a beautiful human being! You’re awesome! I wish I could sincerely give everyone I meet through my blog a gigantic hug. Not only because I would be happy to see you but because you are all awesome human beings who deserve every bit of happiness that comes your way. I am always grateful that I can meet people who think deeply and can share thoughtful conversations with.


Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Life Approaches

  • That is indeed the beauty about our species — no one person is different. We all come from different backgrounds, too, so we all have different mindsets and opinions on thing. And there is nothing wrong with having differing opinions as long as we can respect each other being different, provided that it doesn’t hurt anyone also! Don’t stop with the reflection posts. They are good to read, and I enjoy them!

    • That was beautifully said! I think it’s a good reminder (at least for myself) that everyone has different opinions and that’s what makes conversations so great.

      And I won’t! I like doing reflections :D

  • (Er… I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way. My own disclaimer is that I don’t feel attacked nor offended.)

    I agree that everyone is different, and we go through things differently, which shapes how we do things. I do think that sometimes when someone voices a disagreement, the other person thinks they have offended the person, but in reality, people just want to voice their point of view. Unfortunately, I have voiced disagreement before, and instead of a productive conversation, I got back defensive replies and a lot of, “this is just me, I didn’t mean to attack you!” when it’s not about that at all. If someone disagrees, it doesn’t automatically mean they’re offended or they’re trying to attack back. Like you said, there is no right or wrong, and it’s awesome to hear both sides!

    I like reading your reflections, and I feel like you should be able to continue writing them without a ton of disclaimers up front, but of course, do what works for you!

    • I’m not offended at all! And I agree.

      This is also something I talk about with my sister or with my classmates but I feel like the language of the internet or texting is sometimes really hard to decipher. We can’t decipher the emotion or tone of what someone says digitally because we’re unable to hear what they say or look at their face and see cues. And sometimes that can be really frustrating.

      That’s one of the reasons I sometimes put disclaimers in front of my posts and over compensate with exclamations because I’m always a little worried.

      But maybe I shouldn’t worry so much like you said, haha.

  • Every human life IS different and everyone faces different experiences. I love doing reflections on my own character because I’m trying to see where I went right and wrong. Just because someone is doing something doesn’t mean everyone has to as well to be “winning in life” or whatever. Everyone is doing great in their own ways and it’s great when they’re sharing it! :)

  • Even though we can experience all sorts of different things and be on different paths in life, we can be joined together in our emotions of those experiences. We are all different and will be somewhere different in places, but never think you can’t sympathized or empathized with anyone.

  • damnn that last paragraph makes me soft :’) you’re so sweet ohmagad, i wish you happiness and do know that you’re awesome too! you know what, “virtual hugs* ~

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