Life Diary: Episode 10

Wow, almost a month has passed by since I last posted. At first I was really worried about not posting regularly, but I decided to just post when I want to post instead of stressing out over it. I do want to get better at commenting though but since this is my last year at graduate school, I’ve been a little busier (on top of my internship) and am having a little troubling balancing everything.

Anyways! I finally developed my roll of film. This has pictures from up to summer, so one roll lasted a really long time! Only because I never go anywhere… haha

International District, Seattle

Safeco Field, Seattle

These are photos from when I went to a baseball game with friends. I also have a portrait picture but decided not to include that picture here, since it’s not a picture of myself and didn’t feel comfortable sharing it without asking first.

Baseball games are fun but they’re soooo incredibly long.

Blueberry Fields, Snohomish

This last summer I went blueberry picking, as a part of a fundraiser for the church’s summer camp I was helping out with. This blueberry picking field is actually really close to my home! I mentioned in a previous post that I live in a kind of rural area, so you can sort of see that in these pictures.

They also had this turkey that was being kind of aggressive. It kept strutting back and forth in front of the fence and he even spread his feathers and making these loud clucking sounds. Or maybe he was showing off? I wasn’t entirely sure, haha.

Hot Air Balloons

And finally a couple pictures I took on my drive back home from that same trip! Look how pretty! I don’t like some aspects of living so far away from everything but I also look at the pictures of where I live and feel blessed and grateful that I get to live in such a beautiful neighborhood.

If anyone is interested, I use an Olympus Om-1 to shoot my photos and I think I used Portra 160? Or possibly Portra 400? I’m really bad at remembering which film I used because I have multiple kinds. All the film photos I’ve taken so far have been in color, but I’ve been wanting to experiment with black and white film too! I feel like it’ll be easier to shoot when it’s darker or dim out. I’m not entirely sure though because I’ve never shot with black and white film before.

Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Life Diary: Episode 10

  • Just post when you can. I was bombarded by life and its suckiness the past few weeks, and it’s affected my blogging a lot, but I am now at the point of “If I can blog, great! If I can’t, it’s not the end of the world.” And anyway, grad school is a definite priority over blogging, and as someone who did grad school, too, I totally can relate.

    Yay for sharing your photos! I am loving them. The International District looks neat, and the baseball game — wow! The crowd is a lot. Picking blueberry sounds like a lot of fun! I would like to try that one day :3 That turkey reminds me of the rooster that attacked me when i was a kid ~_~ I would have kept my distance from that turkey! That’s a nice shot of the hot air balloon!

    It sounds like there are some pros and cons to living in a more rural area. The cons are sucky, but the pros so far are making me wish I could be there with you when you go take photos. Thanks for sharing :3

  • There’s no need to get worried about not posting regularly! This is your blog so your rules :). Life happens so it’s totally understandable. I love the shots that you’ve taken around town! I’ve only been to a baseball game once and I agree that it’s long!! Though, it’s not long enough when your home team is losing XD.

    Oh man, I’ve never seen a turkey in person before but I laughed a bit when I read about that aggressive turkey. I love the greenery AND THOSE FLOWERS!!!

  • It makes sense that things in your personal life might get busy, so I think it’s a good idea to go at your own pace! No need to feel bad about blogging :)

    Your photos look so good! I think your Seattle ones look beautiful, and that’s so neat that you went blueberry picking. I’ve never done that before. I love the green and nature-y look of those photos!

  • …decided to just post when I want to post instead of stressing out over it. – yes this. blogging is about doing it for the fun, not as a strict routine :)

    i’m sorry i haven’t been commenting a lot. i suck at blog hopping these days :(

    i really love how your photos turned out! you’re definitely skilled with analog cameras, definitely better than me. ugh i think my film photo skill is getting so rusty – in fact, i think my photography skill in general is depleting. looking at these photos make me miss experimenting with cameras but uh, i don’t go out that often so… ^^;; i do have this thought about investing in a mirrorless camera because it’s a lot more portable and i don’t have to always carry my dslr with me anywhere i go haha

  • I started out at the beginning of the year with a promise of posting every Sunday, but then I took a break, came back and then life got in the way. So now my posting is a bit all over the place, but whatever! It’s your blog at the end of the day and you should post when you feel is right :D

    Your photos are making me want to go back to Seattle! I fell in love with the city when I went to visit last year and had so much fun exploring! Loving the photos at the blueberry picking fields, too <3

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