Life Diary: Episode 9 [Part 1]

Hopefully this will become a thing now but I want to make it a goal to include my film pictures in each of my life updates. My “Photo Diary” and “Life Update” series has been combined, so now both of those will be under “Life Diary” instead.

I originally was going to wait to post this until my rolls of film were developed but I thought “eh”. If I have a post idea, I should just post it! Maybe I’m not in the blogging slump I thought I was. So this is part 1 and part 2 will come most likely towards the end of next week. I might do one of these every month, divided into two different parts.

A couple favorites this month includes my Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib Holder – Model 40. I have had this nib holder for a while now and seriously love it so much because of how versatile it is. You can use both regular and round nibs and this particular nib holder has double rings, so that you can put in regular sized and smaller round nibs.

Another favorite is the Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks. This is my only experience using colored drawing ink, so I can’t compare this with other brands but I’ve been wanting to try experimenting with inks other than black. The bottles are awesome because of the way they’re designed – less chance of you tipping them over and spilling the ink all over your desk. I got three colors: Canary Yellow, Ultramarine and Scarlet. I discovered you can easily mix these with each other or with diluted water.

I want to eventually get other colors but I want to get better at inking and drawing before I buy more!

Which leads me to another favorite, which is diluting ink. I’ve been trying to experiment more with using ink as a medium and discovered you can create different shades using diluted water. Diluted water is different from tap water, because tap water contains certain minerals and other things that don’t mix well with liquid ink. This opens up a lot of possibilities for inking that I wasn’t aware of before!

My final favorite of the month is the Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosurus Blotting Paper (Green Tea Ver.) by Too Cool For School. Here is the description from Sephora:

These blotting papers are a glamorous way to blot. Packaged in a convenient carrycase, these oil blotting papers are made from 100 percent natural papers. The Green Tea blotting paper is made from Chinese yam paper that’s enriched with soothing green tea leaves. Packed with antioxidants, this green tea blotting paper soothes sensitive, acne-prone skin. With just a gentle press, these blotting papers absorb oil immediately, soften skin, and leave your makeup looking flawless. The case is lightweight and comes with a handy, reusable puff includes a mirror and five placement adhesives for the puff. Just peel off the adhesive pad for every 10 sheets.

Too Cool For School collaborates with artists throughout the globe, and Dinoplatz is one of the best examples of artist-collaborative packaging. The Dinoplatz line was born from a collaboration with New York-based architect and painter Hatori Sando. The concept was to create the new from the old with illustrations of dinosaurs roaming around the building-forests of New York City. The packaging for each product features Sando’s unique hand-drawn illustrations, some of which are inspired by New York’s landmark buildings.

This product is vegan and cruelty-free.

loooooove the little carry case, the mirror and the little cushion that comes with it. I don’t wear makeup but I am really oil in my T-Zone area, so I use it whenever I’m too oily 

Other misc. life stuff –

Things I enjoyed:

  • — Wonder Woman – the film was really good!
  • — Eating Bahn Mi sandwiches every Friday
  • — The occasional cool sunny days in-between the rainy ones
  • — Getting my ears pierced
  • — Buying super cute Sailor Moon themed earrings
  • — Finishing Sunday School
  • — Going to a skin care clinic and getting a facial treatment

Things I’m Looking Forward To:

  • — Planning for summer camp. We get the whole camp ground to ourselves and we’re combining YG (high schoolers) and Sunday school this year 
  • A Dragon of a Different Color (Heartstriker #4) by Rachel Aaron is being released July 28th!
  • — Actually wearing super cute earrings
  • — Going to my second appointment at the skin care clinic!

And that’s my update for the month of June! I’m going hiking sometime next week, so hopefully I’ll be able to include those film pictures in my next post! Thanks for reading 

14 thoughts on “Life Diary: Episode 9 [Part 1]

  • Oooh I would love to hear more about the skin care clinic. Is it like a dermatology clinic? Or more like a spa?

    Haha *actually wearing super cute earrings. I have the problem of buying earrings and never wearing them. This totally reminds me to find my earrings again.

    I loved Wonder Woman, and I’m always a fan of banh mi. At the least the cheap ones with the softer bread. I’ve been seeing a trend of lots of hipster and fusion shops selling banh mi but the sandwich bread is too hard to bite. I also grew up where banh mi are cheap like $2 but I’m seeing fancy places sell them for $12. This always blows my mind. Like expensive hot dogs I guess.

    Looking forward to part 2 and your developed photos. I love organized your blog is. I feel like my posts are as scatterbrain as I am. ^^;;

    • It’s more like a spa I guess? Haha the people giving you the facial are based in esthetics/medicine. I really liked my experience there! Maybe if I have more positive results, I’ll blog about the experience.

  • When you get the films developed, I’m looking forward to seeing the results! I don’t see pictures from film all that much so this will be interesting! The pen nib holder looks so cool! It looks like one of those old school fancy pens from Japan XD. I’ve spilled bottles of ink several times and glad a company put thought into making the bottle a bit more stable.

    Oooh! Blotting papers work a lot of magic! The green tea version sounds neat. I gotta give this a try one of these days.


    Have fun with the things you’re looking forward to!

  • looking forward to your film shots once they are developed! :D

    i haven’t bought anything from too cool for school since eons ago but i agree, their dinoplatz line has really adorable and interesting packaging! i never heard about the blotting papers but after you mentioned it, NOW i’m curious xD

    p.s: glad you enjoyed wonder woman! i wanted to watch it twice but couldn’t get the chance to.

  • Oohh, I don’t have experience with drawing inks, so it’s interesting to hear you talk about them. Winsor & Newton seems to be a popular and trusted brand for art supplies, so you probably got good ones! I recently ordered a small watercolor set from them.

    Those blotting papers sound handy! I used to use a bunch when my face was more oily (fortunately I have it more under control now), but I don’t think I’ve seen green tea ones. That’s nice that it comes with a carry case with a mirror.

    Banh mi is so good. This post reminds me that I haven’t had one in a while. Also, I need to see Wonder Woman! I’m so behind on movies right now!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your photos later!

  • I’ve never used drawing inks before, but they sound really cool. I bet they look great on paper too. Seeing this makes me really miss doing art at school. I still draw a bit now, but I don’t have nearly as much time for it as I used to. I haven’t done anything arty in ages!

    I can’t wait to see Wonder Woman. I was initially planning on not bothering, because I hated BatmanV Superman, but the reviews seem really good. I should be going on Saturday, so hopefully it lives up to the hype!

    Looking forward to seeing your shots developed!

  • Sailor Moon themed earrings? I so want to see that and I agree with you: Wonder Woman was indeed great to watch. We don’t get many women action stars. She’s just one of a few.

  • I don’t have any knowledge of your new supplies, but everything you’ve got sounds really great! I hope you enjoy using them all =] I’d love to try some blotting papers, especially in the summer when my skin plays up!

    Sailor Moon earings sound so cute! Where did you get them?

  • I have never seen those nib holder before, but they do look handy! Glad it’s been working out for you. Drawing inks sound like a good art tool to have. I had no idea about the diluting thing, though. Also, it’s good to know tap water isn’t a good source of water to use for these kinds of thing!

    The blotting paper sounds neat! I never really tried out Too Cool for School, but I may check out those paper :D I have super oily skin, so they will definitely come in handy.

    As for getting your ears pierced — first time or a new hole? And oooh, you should totes blog about your facial treatment! I’m curious about what they do at different clinics. Banh mi sandwiches — yum. I haven’t had those in a while!

    Good luck with the summer camp! My old workplace ran those, and it’s super tough trying to plan and implement them!

  • The pen nib holder looks really cool. It would be good having the smaller and larger bit. Experimenting with ink would be a lot of fun and can create fantastic results! :D

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