Life Diary: Episode 9 [Part 2]

Finally! My film finally got developed and I’m very satisfied at how most of them turned out. I, of course, have loads and loads of room to improve but so far, I’m having lots of fun taking pictures. I used a couple of different types of film for these pictures but am not sure which film goes with which picture. All pictures in the post are unedited.

Warning: Lots of pictures

California: Springfield & Santa Monica

Back in April, I went to California and only just developed my last roll of film from that trip.

The Springfield pictures are from when we went to Universal Studios–which I enjoyed much more than Disneyland. Southern California is very pretty but I remember my skin hating the weather.

We also went to Santa Monica. The weather was kind of cloudy but still enjoyable! The only downside to the Santa Monica visit was that we saw a seal on the shore and people were touching the seal and taking pictures with it. I thought it was really, really disrespectful and I was kind of worried about the seal afterwards :/ It was just sort of laying there? I regretted not doing anything about it when I saw that happening.

Edmonds, Ocean Shores & Meadowdale

Edmonds is a neighborhood that my mom works in. I went with her one day to spend the day at the library (they have a really nice library).

I also walked Meadowdale with my sister and mom. Meadowdale is a short 2-mile trail. They have a nice beach at the end of 1-mile and a cute little free library.


And then here are a couple of Ocean Shore pictures! A couple months ago, I blogged about going there with my family. Sadly, I forgot to change my battery so my light meter wasn’t working. I ended up guessing on everything and surprisingly a couple pictures turned out okay!

University of Washington

I also took a few pictures of the UW (where I go to grad school). The graffiti is actually from an art supply store I like going to, near the university.

Look a bunny! It’s so cute and round! 

Lime Kiln Trail

Washington has a lot of great hikes. I really wanted to do one during the summer, so my sister, our dog and I went to Lime Kiln Trail. I think it was about 7 miles? After walking the hike, I remembered why we don’t do them often, haha. The view was nice but I hated the walk back 

And that’s it! Thanks for reading!

27 thoughts on “Life Diary: Episode 9 [Part 2]

    • You should totally go on a hike! I don’t go on them often either but I agree, it’s nice to take your time when doing one.

  • Love the photos :D

    The Simpson theme park made me smile. I’m with you on the hot weather not agreeing with my skin. That’s horrible about the seal :/ Were there no wildlife workers to call about the seal? I would have called them.

    Edmonds photo came out interesting. To me they wouldn’t have been interesting enough to capture, but you shot them well. You have a keen eye for photography!

    EEEE! The bunny made me melt :D I used to own a bunny, so I’m very partial to them :3 Seven miles is quite a trek! I agree that they are nice, but the walk back can be a bit tiring XD But yay for you for doing it!

    • Thanks Tara!

      I know! I should have done something and now I really regret it.

      Bunnies are so cute! I was so excited when I saw it and that I remembered to bring my camera that day.

  • Wow! These photographs are gorgeous!! I’ve gone straight from instant cameras to digital photography, so I’ve never really had the opportunity to get into film, but I love the mellow rustic feel to these… We have to apply filters to get these effects! Haha.

    The puppy is sooo cute. Omg. Good luck continuing your “Life Diary”! It’s such a cute way to keep track of your journeys.

    • Thanks Hiro!

      And thanks haha. The picture came out so nicely – I was so happy xD And thanks! I wanted to post them closer together but they ended up being so far apart.

  • I love the shots you took! I don’t blame you for liking Universals more than Disneyland XD. Everyone’s got a different taste!

    I would be worried too if I see any sea animals on the shore line. Hope the seal remain unharmed! Edmonds looks like a neat neighborhood! I like how it looks peaceful and not busy at all. I need to get myself out to Washington some day!

    • Haha, I think it was because I got too hyped up for Disneyland. Maybe I’ll enjoy it more if I ever go again!

      I hope so too! I think about it sometimes :/ You totally should and if you’re ever in the area, we should at least go out for lunch or something!

  • I LOVE the quality of the film / shots! I seem to have so much grain in my shots and yours are non existent! Which brand did you use?

    My favourites would be the one from the hike. So green!

    nat // dignifiable

    • Thanks! I use an Olympus Om-1 camera. As for film, I’ve been using Fujicolor and Portra. Usually 400 but I have also used Portra 160 and Fujicolor 200. I’ve gotten great results from all of them!

  • I love your photos- they are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them :)

    It’s been a long time since I used my old camera, which was like 10-11 years ago. Ever since I got a phone, I’ve been taking digital photos. Although it will be nice to take out my old camera once again and go back to capturing beautiful moments of life in analogue way.

    • Thanks Diamond! I’ve been thinking about you lately – I hope you’ve been doing okay!

      Camera quality on digital photos is nice, haha. You should totally take out your old camera! I would love to see your photos.

  • Ooh, I love how the photos turned out- super envious of the places you’ve been at! Edmond looks like a really nice quiet cute place, perfect for photos on the blog!

    I just found your blog and I can totally relate to you~ I was always told that I was quite quiet in the past. I think I’ve grown to become a little more outgoing after business school (took some time to push myself to actually apply to it!), but I still have that introverted side to me where I just love myself some alone time to read, crochet and do other things! (Still pretty awkward sometimes t conversations haha) I’m also a big fan of reading (I used to love fantasies, mysteries, and fiction in general, but reading a lot more non-fiction lately) and woohoo for korean dramas! :P I hope you do surpass reading 100 books for 2017! That’s an immense amount of knowledge and I can’t wait to go back into reading after my full-time job recruiting hunt is over! ^^ By the way, do you have bloglovin’ or any platform for followers? :)

    Simplee Nikkie
    I’d love to follow each other! :)

    • Thanks Nikkie! It sounds like we have a lot of similarities. It’s great to connect to other people with similar interests! It’s also great to meet other people who like Korean dramas, haha. I do have a bloglovin’ ( but I barely use bloglovin’ because I usually just use Feedly or to track blogs. I’ve already followed your blog through feedly. I would love to follow each other!

  • I’d love to go to Universal Studios! The Simpson’s stuff looks so cool!

    That seal situation sounds horrible. People can be so cruel! I hope the seal was okay.

    I love that cute free library. I’ve never seen one of those anywhere before. It’s such a lovely idea!

    Your photos have turned out great by the way. I love your shots of your university. The graffiti looks great! I can’t imagine trying to take photos with film. I struggle to take good digital photos!

    Oh and Camp NaNoWriMo is pretty much the same as NaNoWriMo except it takes place in April and July.

    • Yeah! Basically you take a book out and leave a book behind. I’ve never taken one before but they’re pretty neat!

  • Rezina, the photos you have taken are all so beautiful and have such a warm feel about them. I love what you’ve managed to achieve with the films without the need for editing! I’d love to go to California one day and spend a day Universal Studios. It’s such a shame to hear about the seal – I don’t understand how people saw it as a photo-taking opportunity. The little free library is so adorable and definitely my sort of thing! And I especially love the photos from your hike – nature really is rather beautiful and you’ve captured it perfectly!
    Thanks for sharing, Rezina! Hope you’ve been well lately and look forward to reading your blog again!
    Beverley | word drift

    • Thanks Beverley! You should definitely go – Universal was really fun! I highly recommend the Harry Potter ride, haha.

  • Ooh I do love the colors of film photography! All your photos turned out really lovely! I especially like the one of the mini library; so cute :D

    My eyes flew open when I saw University of Washington come up on my screen! I went there for my undergrad!! Graduating class of 2011 :D I really miss campus now hehe!

  • I need to go to back to Universal Studios. The last time I went was 8 years ago, but to the one in Orlando! I heard they do gigantic Homer Simpson-style which I definitely need in my life!

    Aww, the cute little bunny <3

    Amazing photos, Rezina! You are so talented – I cannot wait to see more photos in the future :)

  • I love how all the photos turned out! They look great! I like how colorful the Springfield ones are, and something about film photography in theme parks just makes it look even more vintage.

    Aahh, I hate it when people disrespectful wildlife and nature. They shouldn’t have been touching the seal! There’s been so many stories of tourists hurting wildlife just because they want a photo upclose with it =/

    The photos of Edmonds are my favorite of the set! I think I really like seeing what other neighborhoods are like, and the Ocean Shore ones look so peaceful. I also really like the graffiti photos you took by UW, and Lime Kiln Trail looks pretty!

  • Ahhh Rezina! I am super impressed with these photos, thank you so much for sharing sweetie! They turned out great.

    I haven’t ever been to Universal Studios but my colleagues have commented that it is a lot of fun! With some even saying that it’s better than Disneyland. I love Disney too much though – I’d have to experience it to believe it ;)

    I really enjoy hikes. Thankfully I live quite close to a district where you can just hike all day every day, I tend to go on weekends to have a little walk around! It’s always super refreshing.

    • Disneyland was fun too! I recommend both just for the experience! And yes – hiking is really fun! I don’t particularly like walking (LOL) but the view makes up for it.

      Thanks Pauline!!

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