Life Update: Episode 4

airplantI recently got this air plant as a gift, pictured on the left. Isn’t it super cute? For those of you who are encountering air plants for the first time, they’re low maintenance plants. These plants grow without soil and the leaves absorb the moisture. But they can’t get all their sustenance from just the air and need to be soaked in water at least once a week.

The one I have is supposed to flower too, so I’m really excited! This one was purchased in a store but you can also get them on an Etsy shop called PapersmithCo.

In other news, I have been blogging my internship experience on a different website. Right now I’m interning at the library in Special Collections and I’m also receiving credit for it at the same time. We’re supposed to make a repository, so as a part of that, I’ve been blogging about what I’ve learned and what I’ve been doing at the internship.


I’ve been obsessed with a K-Pop group I mentioned in a previous life update post called Sechskies. I don’t think I’ve ever followed a K-Pop group this closely before?? I literally check news of them nearly every day and listen to their songs at least once a day LOL I’ve even changed my desktop background to fanart of the group. My favorite group member is Eun Jiwon haha.



I’m currently reading a graphic novel called The Swamp Thing Vol 1 by Alan Moore because I heard it was a classic. The Swamp Thing is published by DC Comics, so you get occasional superhero references. It’s definitely different though and I really like the characterization. I don’t think I would call it my favorite but I am only halfway through, so maybe my opinion will change after I’m done. The description on the back of the book is as follows:

From 1983 through 1987, a young British writer named Alan Moore revolutionized the American comic book. His groundbreaking tenure on DC Comics’ Swamp Thing set new standards for graphic storytelling and touched off a revolution in the medium that is still expanding today. Building on the title’s framework of gothic horror with a remarkably intuitive narrative style and unprecedented depth of characterization, Moore’s vision was realized through the hauntingly beautiful artwork of such collaborators as Stephen Bissette, John Totleben, Dan Day and Rick Veitch. The result is one of comics’ most enduring masterpieces.


I don’t have anything particularly exciting going on but I wanted to make it my goal to blog at least once a week. I bought a new paper nano, so maybe I’ll post up a photo once I’m done. I also wanted to do a video-related blog post but wasn’t sure what to do that on, so that will also come sometime in the future. I was thinking either of doing it on inking or on my internship experience.

That’s all for now. Hope everyone has a great week!

3 thoughts on “Life Update: Episode 4

  • what an adorable plant! i think if i ever have plants in my space someday, i’d definitely go for low maintenance plants like succulents, for instance.

    oh, another novel by alan moore! i love v for vendetta and i’ve been wanting to buy his batman:the killing joke. the thing is, graphic novels are so expensive here. the other day i saw spidergwen and i went back and forth to the store because i couldn’t decide whether to buy it or not. in the end, i didn’t purchased it. i guess i still prefer spending IDR 200-300k for a fiction novel / book as opposed to graphic novels which are thinner.

    good luck on your internship, rezina :D

  • Ohmygosh that plant is so cute. I want some air plants so badly – maybe one to keep at work, since my apartment is overflowing with plants right now. Post pictures if/when it flowers!

    I’ve read V for Vendetta and Watchmen, but honestly I was kind of unimpressed! Everyone talked them up so much that by the time I read them I was sort of let down. Anyway let us know how Swamp Thing is and if you like it – people really love Alan Moore so I hope you do too!

  • I love the idea of an air plant! They sound a little like succulents but a little easier to maintain, mainly because of the lack of soil. I would love to give them a try sometime – thanks for letting me know that they exist!

    My desktop wallpapers are mostly photos of my fiancé And recently I found a website that has nice wallpapers so I picked out a few paint-splatter ones. I used to put my favourite bands on my desktop, until I started photographing bands professionally, at which point I used my own photos. Then I realised I was always so busy on my computer that I rarely saw my desktop, so I stopped paying attention to what desktop wallpaper I had.

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