Life With Unstable Wifi

Ah, where has the time gone?

I wanted my next post to be a more meaningful and personal post but I decided to save the post for next time. I just wanted to update where I am and what I’ve been doing (aside from spamming my Twitter feed with Nu’est related items). The first is that as everyone may or may not know, my family moved a few months back.

The new area that we moved to is not rural but very rural compared to where we used to live, which is only 10-20 minutes away, depending on traffic. Great things about our new home: lots of visible stars at night, fresh produce, cow sight-seeing every day, and a super safe neighborhood. But now that it’s been a few months, the not-so-great things are starting to show up as well. This includes: a long drive to church, a lack of a diverse community, we’re no longer close to any Korean markets, a longer bus commute and worst off all, really bad wifi connection.

My family has been noticing that our internet connection kept disconnecting, and so we kept having to reset our router. We finally called our provider and found out we can’t really do anything about it and the reason being is that we live in such a rural neighborhood. Which sucks because my graduate school is all online. So when I come home from work, I have a really hard time watching my lectures because the internet keeps disconnecting. I’ve found ways around this by doing homework during my spare time at work (when it’s slow), and after my internship (which ends at 2:30 in the afternoon).

This is also one of the reasons I haven’t really been blogging. I know this is a really privileged concern but life without wifi is very hard, haha.

And also something happened recently! It’s not very exciting, more a little scary I guess? But it was the first time this ever happened to me so I thought I would share it here. I ride the bus to work and my second bus stop is in a sketchy neighborhood. It’s not so bad, except the bus stop is located right next to a homeless men’s shelter. And I try not to be judgmental against homeless people because they have lots of problems and they’re struggling and I don’t want to add to that by judging them internally. And usually nothing happens but I was just standing there and I felt a sudden weight around my shoulders.

So of course I was confused, I looked up and about less than a foot away from my face was this man’s! Smiling at me! I was so shocked that I instantly ran away and this nice group of ladies told me I could stand next to them T_T I was like “Whew” but then he followed me!! And tried to put his arm around me again!! I was so shocked and startled. Thank goodness for kind strangers!

And in other goal related news, I haven’t been doing Inktober at all.

My archival internship is also going pretty well. I’ve been transcribing oral recordings of interviews and even though the work gets tedious sometimes, I’ve been learning a lot of interesting things! I think it’s interesting mainly because I get a glimpse into someone’s life. And the two recordings I’ve done, both of them are retired, so it’s interesting to hear the perspective of someone whose dedicated their whole lives to this one thing (both medical related fields).

I’ve also secured a capstone project (probably about 70% confirmed). A capstone project is my final project for graduate school. I’m working in a team and we’re going to be doing it with (most likely) the Wing Luke Museum. The Wing Luke Museum is an Asian-American museum, mostly about Asian-American experiences in the Northwest. We’re probably either going to do a project on digitizing articles about Japanese internment camps or transcribing/translating oral history recordings.

If you want to check out their website, they have an online database with their materials here. If you have time, I recommend looking at the website. They have a lot of cool things!

This weekend, I might be going to a pumpkin patch, depending on how great the weather is. If we do, I’ll finally be able to finish one roll (I have one picture left)!!

Thanks for reading <3

11 thoughts on “Life With Unstable Wifi

  • How scary! I hope you don’t have any more encounters like that.

    Congrats on securing a capstone project! And that’s awesome that you’re learning interesting things during your internship at the cancer center. I hope you find some inspiration through all the tedious work. I can totally get super geeked out by medical stuff.

    By the way, have you read The Spirt Catches You As You Fall Down? It’s one of my favorite reads from high school. It’s a bit heavy on the medical terminology (but you’re probably like a pro by now) and it’s sort of nonfiction documentary style in that it follows events that happened to this refugee Hmong child who gets seizures, if I remember correctly. It’s a clashing of two culture and misunderstandings. It has accounts from the doctors and people involved. Lots of emotions and tragedies but it is a powerful book. It left me heartbroken. (I’m not very good at pitching books to people apparently, but this is a great read, I swear!)

  • That is so scary about the homeless guy! I mean, gah! Had that happened to me, I would have been so freaked out!

    And homg. I totally understand your pain about the wifi issue. Our new place’s wifi’s been wonky, especially with Google-related sites like Drive, and it’s been ticking me off that I can’t do the simplest thing without it constantly disconnecting on me. Other sites load fine, but not those! As someone who did online programme, I can understand how frustrating it is! You definitely need a reliable connection for that.

    Glad there are some pluses about your new area, but it sounds kind of far from a lot of the conveniences you were used to! I guess this is where planning will be a must.

    Good luck with your capstone! Mine was a fun topic close and dear to my heart, so that turned out well for me. :)

  • I hope something can be done with the bad internet in the near future. Your internet provider needs to step it up with their service (unless there’s another competing service provider?). At least you found some alternatives for the time being. Hope it doesn’t become a pain where you can’t be at home to do your online classes.

    I feel bad that there are homeless people around but a few act sketchy in a way that it freaks people out. I’m sorry to hear that one of them tried to hug you. Seriously, who does that???? That’s so freaking creepy and NOT OK. UGH Thank goodness there were people around you to help you out.

    Gald to hear that your archival internship has been going well. Even more, congrats on securing a capstone project! Sounds like you’re going to have a blast with the project when it’s completely confirmed and you’re on your way :). MASTER REZINA, COME RIGHT UP!

  • Ugh, bad internet really gets on my nerves. I hope your connection gets fixed soon! Earlier today, our system was down for sometime and it was a pain in the ass. It makes me sad though realizing how dependent I can be to the wifi. :/

    Glad to hear your internship is going well, Rezina! I’ll definitely check out that website you linked :)

    I hope you got to go to a pumpkin patch this weekend like you had planned! I’m planning on going to one tomorrow but who knows if they still have pumpkins since it’s rather late to be checking the pumpkin patch out or is it???

    cabin twenty-four

  • Ah, that sucks about the internet connection! That must be really frustrating, especially with your school work being online. Sometimes I think about moving to a more rural area, but then there’s the inconvenience of being farther from things. That does sound really nice to be able to see the stars and be in a really safe neighborhood though!

    Eep, that’s scary to have a guy touch you and follow you. Definitely creepy! I’m so glad there were women who tried to help. I hope that doesn’t happen again!

    I’m glad your internship is going well and that you’ve secured your capstone project! I didn’t know about the Wing Luke Museum before, but I think your project sounds really interesting. Good luck with it!

  • That’s not good about your unstable wifi :( That sucks when you have classes online. I am happy that your internship is going well. I hope you can still do Inktober. I get creepy stalkers all the time :( I am so sorry that happened but glad you had those women protecting you.

  • I’d be scared too if someone acted like that, that’s really creepy! :O Good that you got away and found some shelter with the other women.

    Unstable internet access can be a real pain. Everything’s online nowadays, so having internet is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity for modern life. Like you need it for your classes.
    My boyfriend and I have been casually looking into buying a house, and we’re looking for something rural. I can work from anywhere as long as I have internet, and I’d prefer to live out in the countryside. Unfortunately, rural usually mean worse internet, and that’s a real problem. :/
    No wonder you’re irritated, I hope you can get better wifi at some point.

  • Oh my gosh, that incident with the homeless man is really creepy! I would have reacted the same way if that happened to me! I’m so happy there were other women there and it was so nice of them to help you <3

    Oh nooo, bad internet is such a pain. I hope something can be done about it in the near future because internet is such a necessity nowadays, more and more people need it in their daily lives :( And your classes are online too! I'd be pissed if I were you, too :|

  • Wifi and internet problems can be a huge problem, especially when you are trying to study! I live in a rural area with a population of around 80. Over the years I have had a lot of trouble trying to find a stable connection. I hope that there will be a solution somehow, so that you can at least be able to do your studies without problems. :(

    Wow. That would have been a terrifying encounter at the bus stop. I am glad that there were other people around and that nothing terrible happened. *hug*

    That’s great news about the internship and the capstone project! :D

  • Oh dear, crappy wifi, I don’t know if I could deal with that!!! Especially with the school load you have on your shoulders. Glad to hear you’re making due by finding other methods. I wish there was something your ISP could do though.

    The story about the homeless man touching you is so scary. Thank goodness there were other people around!!

  • I’ve had a similar experience at a bus stop, except the guy wasn’t homeless and kept flicking his lighter under my hair and singing romantic songs. People can be absolutely terrifying. Hope you’re okay now. It’s good that other people were around to help. And hope nothing like that happens again!

    Bad Wi-Fi is so annoying. We used to live in a flat where we shared Wi-Fi with the other tenants, except it would only reach up to our door. I spent the first two months sitting on the floor next to the door so I could get the crappiest Wi-Fi ever. Luckily, we got our own installed after that, but those months were a pain! Hope yours improves, especially for lectures!

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