Mid-August Review

I’ve just had so many things happen in a short amount of time that I felt like a post should happen! It’s part of the reason I haven’t been able to do anything online.

The first big thing that happened to me (and my family) is that we moved! We live in a much bigger house now because my grandma moved in and now my sister and I don’t have to sleep in the same room anymore. This also means that I have no internet at home. I’ve been coping by using my phone (I have unlimited data) and the internet at work. This is also how I’m posting a blog post! Work is really slow during the summer, so I have lots of time to go on the internet, haha.

The next big thing that happened to me is that I bought a really, really expensive laptop. I used to have a Surface Pro 3 (purchased about a year ago) but the specs were really limited and I didn’t really like the stand. I hardly ever use my desk to go on my laptop and the Surface Pro is definitely a desk type of laptop. So I maxed out my credit card and purchased a Surface Book.

It definitely wasn’t a whim buy. I’ve been thinking about purchasing a better laptop for about 3 months now and finally decided to do it. I’ve owned a PC laptop for about a year now and an Apple laptop (the same one!!) for over 5 years. It’s interesting to have tried both and I might talk about my experiences on them!

I’ve also become completely obsessed with Jonghyun from Nu’est. Nu’est is a K-Pop group and I don’t think I’ve been this obsessed since… ever LOL I mean… I’ve always liked K-Pop groups (i.e. Winner) but it was very much a general kind of interest. I also might do a post just on Jonghyun HAHA. Maybe a favorite people post? And I can also talk about my sister aka my other favorite person in the world.

This month is also the month Sunday school is going on summer camp. I participate as a counselor every year and this year, we’re combining Sunday school and YG (youth group/high school kids) together. The last couple weeks are usually really busy and we also do a 9 day prayer in preparation for the camp.

On top of that I’ve just discovered I have a bunch of paid vacation days I’ve never used in the 3 years that I’ve worked?? So I’m going to ask my manager how many vacation days I have 

I’ve felt so busy lately that I haven’t even had time to read! Anyways, this was a really casual post but sometimes I really like casual posts.

Thanks for reading!

21 thoughts on “Mid-August Review

  • speaking of new laptop, i have been thinking about selling my macbook pro and buy myself a new windows laptop, one that i can use for gaming but i’m still fickle about it. on one hand, i already have a windows desktop for gaming so having another one is just ridiculous and it’s all because i need this one particular design program which is only available for the mac os. i don’t know. maybe i’ll just save up and purchase another laptop one day instead of selling my macbook and then get a new one. still not sure about this decision but all i’m saying is, i dislike my macbook pro haha

    • LOL haha I can tell you sound confused. That sucks that the design program is only available on your Macbook! Having owned both now, I can personally say that I prefer my PC laptop as opposed to my Apple laptop.

      It would be cool if there was a way to run a Mac program on Windows!

  • Glad to hear you moving to a new house where you have your own room! Hope you’ll have an internet connection installed soon. It’s neat that you bought a Surface Book! It’d be neat to hear feedback about it because I’m potentially looking for a new laptop soon! I’m still using my MacBook Pro from 2008 XD.

    Hope the 9-day camp will go great for you! You better take advantage of all of those unused vacation hours ;).

    • Me too! It was supposed to be installed last Friday but we still don’t have internet at home :/ And thanks! I definitely want to, haha.

  • That’s nice that you’ve moved into a bigger house and have your own room now! I haven’t used the a Surface Book before, but it looks like a nice laptop. Congrats on that purchase! I used to use Windows laptops, but now I use a Macbook Pro since it’s what I have for work. (I still have a gaming PC at home though.) PC and Macs each have their pros and cons, and I feel like my preference depends on what I’m doing.

    I hope the summer camp goes well! Sounds like you should also get some vacation time in! ;)

  • Congratulations on moving home – hope it wasn’t too stressful! It sucks about the internet, but hopefully you get it back up and running soon and at least you have unlimited data! I remember when I started my third year of university and we were setting up the internet for our new apartment and we had to wait ageeeeees for it to be set up – I nearly died, lol.

    Would love to hear your opinions on bough PC and Apple? I am strictly Apple and I’ve been using it for the past 7 years now and I honestly can’t see myself using PC ever again except at work!

    Have fun at the camp! <3

  • Yay for the move into a bigger place :) Hope you’ll have Internet there soon ^^

    And yay for the new laptop! I’m all for buying tech gadgets and upgrading them, providing I have the funds and the reasons for doing so XD; I want to buy a Macbook, but the cost and the fact that my Chromebook still works fine is what’s stopping me X_X; Enjoy your new laptop!

    Also, yay for those paid vacation days! I hope you can use them! For me, we have use or lose, and if we don’t use the allotted amount by the end of the year, we lose them! I guess this is a way to force us to take leave, haha! Anyway, use them and enjoy your well-deserved leave :D

    • Thanks! Me too. Not having internet is really hard (first world problems lol).

      You’re a lot more practical than I am! I feel like half of me was justifying reasons as to why I should buy a new laptop haha

  • gurl surface book is solid! have fun with it! i’m still saving up for one better laptop than my netbook now but eh, it can wait :) JONGHYUN IS THE DEATH OF MANY??? i didn’t watch/follow broduce but he’s everywhere in my timeline and boy, he’s cute??? he didn’t have this vibe back in early nu’est days??? (a friend of mine used to be a fan but they went on hiatus so yeah :() definitely an eye candy and he’s admirable :)

    hope you’re well, rezina! here’s to upcoming vacations! <3

  • I hope you like your new home Rezina! (and that you’re going to get internet back soon lol)

    Upgrading old devices has always felt like a reward to me ? It’s exciting to have better things, especially when you’ve worked hard to afford it!

    Lately, a friend introduced me to BTS haha. Well, their dancing is so on point, I couldn’t stop looking at the MV to do something else.

    I hope you can go somewhere nice during those paid vacation too!!

  • I bet moving was a really exciting experience! :) And yay for a larger space! Not having internet sucks though, I hope you guys get it back up soon!

    Congratulations on the new laptop too <3

  • Sometimes you need to spend and splurge in something you really want. You should always treat yourself and though you got an expensive laptop, it will be used well. Even I got a new system and love the hell out of it.

    That’s awesome that you moved and got your own room. People don’t seem to realize how wonderful it is to have your own room. It’s liberating!

  • Congrats on the new purchase! My work gave me 2 Macbook Pros to work with, and it’s the first time I’m really using Mac products, but I think I like it a lot more than I thought I would. It’s definitely a lot easier to manage, from the administration standpoint, too. It’s harder for people to break, because they can’t do as much… Hah!
    Glad you finally got wifi, it seems like. Hope you get to decorate your room and make it yours. :)

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