Mid-August Review

I’ve just had so many things happen in a short amount of time that I felt like a post should happen! It’s part of the reason I haven’t been able to do anything online.

The first big thing that happened to me (and my family) is that we moved! We live in a much bigger house now because my grandma moved in and now my sister and I don’t have to sleep in the same room anymore. This also means that I have no internet at home. I’ve been coping by using my phone (I have unlimited data) and the internet at work. This is also how I’m posting a blog post! Work is really slow during the summer, so I have lots of time to go on the internet, haha.

The next big thing that happened to me is that I bought a really, really expensive laptop. I used to have a Surface Pro 3 (purchased about a year ago) but the specs were really limited and I didn’t really like the stand. I hardly ever use my desk to go on my laptop and the Surface Pro is definitely a desk type of laptop. So I maxed out my credit card and purchased a Surface Book.

It definitely wasn’t a whim buy. I’ve been thinking about purchasing a better laptop for about 3 months now and finally decided to do it. I’ve owned a PC laptop for about a year now and an Apple laptop (the same one!!) for over 5 years. It’s interesting to have tried both and I might talk about my experiences on them!

I’ve also become completely obsessed with Jonghyun from Nu’est. Nu’est is a K-Pop group and I don’t think I’ve been this obsessed since… ever LOL I mean… I’ve always liked K-Pop groups (i.e. Winner) but it was very much a general kind of interest. I also might do a post just on Jonghyun HAHA. Maybe a favorite people post? And I can also talk about my sister aka my other favorite person in the world.

This month is also the month Sunday school is going on summer camp. I participate as a counselor every year and this year, we’re combining Sunday school and YG (youth group/high school kids) together. The last couple weeks are usually really busy and we also do a 9 day prayer in preparation for the camp.

On top of that I’ve just discovered I have a bunch of paid vacation days I’ve never used in the 3 years that I’ve worked?? So I’m going to ask my manager how many vacation days I have 

I’ve felt so busy lately that I haven’t even had time to read! Anyways, this was a really casual post but sometimes I really like casual posts.

Thanks for reading!

Wants to become a better reader and writer. Currently studying library and information science. Currently doing the 100 Books for 2017 challenge.


  • Elise says:

    speaking of new laptop, i have been thinking about selling my macbook pro and buy myself a new windows laptop, one that i can use for gaming but i’m still fickle about it. on one hand, i already have a windows desktop for gaming so having another one is just ridiculous and it’s all because i need this one particular design program which is only available for the mac os. i don’t know. maybe i’ll just save up and purchase another laptop one day instead of selling my macbook and then get a new one. still not sure about this decision but all i’m saying is, i dislike my macbook pro haha

    • Rezina says:

      LOL haha I can tell you sound confused. That sucks that the design program is only available on your Macbook! Having owned both now, I can personally say that I prefer my PC laptop as opposed to my Apple laptop.

      It would be cool if there was a way to run a Mac program on Windows!

  • Nancy says:

    Glad to hear you moving to a new house where you have your own room! Hope you’ll have an internet connection installed soon. It’s neat that you bought a Surface Book! It’d be neat to hear feedback about it because I’m potentially looking for a new laptop soon! I’m still using my MacBook Pro from 2008 XD.

    Hope the 9-day camp will go great for you! You better take advantage of all of those unused vacation hours ;).

  • Cat says:

    That’s nice that you’ve moved into a bigger house and have your own room now! I haven’t used the a Surface Book before, but it looks like a nice laptop. Congrats on that purchase! I used to use Windows laptops, but now I use a Macbook Pro since it’s what I have for work. (I still have a gaming PC at home though.) PC and Macs each have their pros and cons, and I feel like my preference depends on what I’m doing.

    I hope the summer camp goes well! Sounds like you should also get some vacation time in! ;)

  • Chynna says:

    Congratulations on moving home – hope it wasn’t too stressful! It sucks about the internet, but hopefully you get it back up and running soon and at least you have unlimited data! I remember when I started my third year of university and we were setting up the internet for our new apartment and we had to wait ageeeeees for it to be set up – I nearly died, lol.

    Would love to hear your opinions on bough PC and Apple? I am strictly Apple and I’ve been using it for the past 7 years now and I honestly can’t see myself using PC ever again except at work!

    Have fun at the camp! <3

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