My 2017 Year

This is going to be a fairly long post because I decided to combine different posts, that I would normally do separate–only because it’s the end of the year. It’s interesting to think that another year has already passed by. Time passes by amazingly fast and I can’t believe I’m already in my 3rd year at grad school.

The past month has been really busy for me, school wise, and I’ve been having a hard time balancing my school life with everything else. I haven’t even had time to read leisurely. I’m going to be doing a separate post for my 100 Books for 2017 challenge but I can say that I didn’t reach my goal but I have read a lot of new books this year–which is why I wanted to do the challenge in the first place.

Goals I Made for 2017

Fill my Empty Sketchbook with Drawings: I didn’t complete this goal, haha. I did draw more but not as much as I would have liked. I do think I tried challenging myself by drawing subjects that I normally wouldn’t draw and used more reference photos to improve my drawing skills.

Finish Another Year at Grad School: One year completed! The quarter is over as well, even though grades haven’t been released yet. Just two more quarters left, and I’m done! Which means the stress of job-hunting is coming up.

Learn How to Save Money: This is something I struggle with, even after a whole year. I think this is something that I’ll continue to struggle with. Although, I did open a savings account and have managed to save at least a $1000 dollars for a trip to California, this past year. I want to do another trip (maybe New York?) and save some more money! My ultimate goal is to save enough money to go to S. Korea with my family, although that probably won’t happen this next year.

Visit More Blogs and Be Brave: I feel like I halfway completed this? I feel like I met a lot of new bloggers because I challenged myself to comment on blogs, besides just the ones I’m comfortable visiting (if that makes any sense). I have a lot of trouble, socially, and I think this is true offline, as well as online. But I took that first step and even sent out a bunch of Christmas cards this year! I also did an art trade with Cat, which was really fun.


Film Photography: I bought my film camera this year and started taking pictures with my film camera. Here are a few of my favorite pictures this year–

Read a Lot of Books: I read a lot of books this year and a lot of them were really good books too! This is mainly because I challenged myself to read more… even though I already sort of read a lot, haha. Some of my memorable books include–

  • Oathbringer (Stormlight Archive #3) by Brandon Sanderson
  • The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie
  • The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzie Lee

Letters by Park Byoung Won: This last year I did a project on my grandpa. I took a class called the “History of Recorded Information” and we had to choose a project based on some kind of document. I made a post about it here, which was (I feel like) one of my most personal posts this year and probably my favorite out of all the posts I’ve done on my blog. I really appreciated doing this project because I learned not only more about Korean history but I also learned more about my grandpa’s life.

Purchased a Surface Book: Probably my best purchase of the year, even though it was almost $3000. My past two computers were a MacBook Pro (2012) and a Surface Pro 3. I gave both away–one to one of the students my sister tutors and another to a high school student I know from my church. After using both Apple and Windows, I like Windows a lot more! I know Apple is more trendy but I like the way Windows is set up more.

December Favorites

Normally, I post this as a separate post but since December is almost over and my next post probably won’t be until the new year–I decided to combine it with this one. I also don’t have too many favorites because I was so busy for school, so it works out!

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds: This is a drama but I’m not actually talking about the drama! Whut. I want to improve my Korean reading and writing skills, so I purchased two books in Korean. One is Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, which is basically a historical fiction novel about a girl who dressed up as a boy and falls in love with the prince (I know cliche) and also The Hobbit in Korean, which I’ve already read and enjoyed.

I actually feel like my Korean reading skills have improved somewhat this year because I’ve been following Nu’est news on Korean news portals (lol) and from the Korean Naver Webtoon app. But I wanted to challenge myself further by purchasing books. And I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy the books because of how slow I read but I’ve discovered I’m still enjoying the book, haha. The only downside is the feeling of frustration when you can’t read any faster when you want to know what happens next.

Less Coffee: This is weird but I haven’t been drinking coffee every day. This is a huge achievement for me! So yay!

Coco (Pixar): I sort of forced my sister to watch Coco with me because I heard it was really good and I really, really, really wanted to watch it. So we watched it in this theater with really comfortable recliner chairs and it was soooooo good. I won’t spoil anything for anyone but the ending scene with his grandmother was so sad and touching I actually cried. Highly recommended!

I Finished My Internship: Although I felt like I didn’t learn as much from this internship, than my last one, it was still a really valuable experience. I had a really great supervisor and I got to start doing work on oral history, which I found interesting and somewhat tedious. I also got to experience working in a small library and really liked the atmosphere of a smaller library, compared to a larger one.

Poochy’s & Yoshi’s Wooly World (3DS): My sister bought a new 3DS game for me and it’s so cute! I love it and out of the games I own, it’s probably one of my favorites.


In other misc. news, I’ve mentioned a couple times I’m done with school now and even though grades aren’t released yet, I’m 99% sure I received a 4.0 (on a 4.0 grading scale) for one of my classes. This is my first (first!!!!) 4.0 throughout my whole school years in college and as a grad student. Which might be underwhelming for overachievers and granted… this was an easier class, where assignments were graded easily… but still! I’m so proud of myself.

And that’s it! I hope everyone has an awesome rest of the year, happy holiday’s and see everyone in 2018! Thanks for reading.

10 thoughts on “My 2017 Year

  • Good on you for getting through another quarter of grad! :D It’ll be over before you know it!

    Gotta say I love your photos every time. This set is so calming. I appreciate all nature shots.

  • Congratulations on completing your first year of grad school! I’m sure you’ll be able to score a job offer within time :). It’s great that you’ve saved some money this year. I am glad that you challenged yourself to find some new bloggers. It’s hard but worth the effort!

    I love how you went above and beyond with your photography journey this year! Your project about your grandfather’s life was really touching.

    It’s great that you gave both of your old devices away to students. I’ve been drinking less coffee too so go us! I totally understand where you came from with that XD. Congratulations on finishing your internship and your 4.0! Glad to see that you had a great year :).

  • Congrats on finishing another year at grad school and for getting the 4.0 you tweeted about! Wishing you all the best for job hunting. It’s so awesome that you managed to save up money for trips – I really want to be be able to that next year instead of spending on things I don’t necessarily need. I also adore your photographs – they are so dreamy and beautiful. I recently bought a film camera and I can’t wait to start using it properly! And I’m glad you managed to read more books this year even if you didn’t complete your goal – numbers aren’t the most important thing anyway :) I’ve started volunteering at a small library and I totally relate when you say you like the atmosphere more. It’s just so lovely to be surrounded by books! Thanks for sharing your highlights, Rezina. Hope 2018 is just as amazing, if not more!

  • Wow, you sure experienced and did a lot in just two months, and I am happy for you, though I am proud of you for getting that 4.0, which is no easy feat. Remember, you have all the time in the world or at least in the next upcoming year to finish and start resolutions or goals for that matter.

    The pictures are so relaxing.

  • You’ve accomplished a lot this year. From grad school to internship to doing film photography . . . You definitely did a lot! I know grad school has been rough for you. I’ve been there where I could do nothing much during grad school. My hobbies went down the drain, and I couldn’t save money because I was paying for my tuition . . . but when it ended, everything returned to “normal”. I had time for my hobbies again and could save money. You’re almost there!

    I hope 2018 will be a good year for you. I look forward to seeing more of your film photography! I hope you will visit South Korea soon! Maybe 2019? :D Take care, Rezina!

  • Even if you didn’t finish all of your goals, I think you made good progress and that’s what matters! I love that you started film photography this year, and I’ve liked seeing the photos you post. I really don’t see many people using film now, so it feels extra special :)

    I remember that post about your grandpa, and that was so interesting to learn about him and his past. I think that was one of my favorites from your entries this year too!

    I hear so many good things about Coco, and I really want to see it. I just saw Star Wars, so I’m hoping to see that one next before it leaves theaters. That’s also good that you’re drinking less coffee! This past month, I gave up caffeine, and it’s been hard since I like tea so much, haha. Also, I’m glad the internship was a good experience even if you didn’t learn as much. It sounds like it was still worth doing!

    Merry Christmas, by the way! I hope 2018 will be a good year for you!

  • So many accomplishments this year :D!! I’m really glad we could exchange cards, let’s do this next year as well hehe.

    I hope you’ll be able to do much more next year <3 maybe travel?? ;)

    I read the other post about your grandfather too (I missed that one when it was published… am I ever going to be good at keeping up? ;_;) and it was really touching ;__;

  • Congrats for having accomplished goals in 2017!! I like the fields pictures among your film photos… if I have something to look forward to 2018 , it’s gotta be about learning how to take good photos and practice photography! :) Happy New Year!

  • I am pleased to hear that you made progress on your goals. You should be proud of that. :D I have a lot of trouble being social offline but feel more comfortable online. It wouldn’t be easy, but I am glad you have made some progress. Hopefully, 2018 will be even better. :D

    I love your photographs! That sneaky rabbit made me smile haha. I like the way you have framed each photograph and the angles they are taken from. :)

    I hope you have a great 2018! :)

  • You’ve accomplished so much! Firstly, congratulations on finishing your first year of grad school :’) I also had the goal of reading 100 books this year but I sadly wasn’t also able to accomplish it hahah. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is probably one of my favorite dramas, and as much as a I want to read the book, I can’t speak Korean :'( so it’s so cool that you did read it! And ahhh I only read webtoons (I’m obsessed) in the app Line Webtoon because I rely on English translations but I’m seriously so tempted to learn Korean just to be able to read the latest updates.

    Wishing you a beautiful year ahead!

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