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This post may not be interesting for most people but I was in the mood to create something, so I decided to create an infographic (from scratch!!) on the books I’ve read so far this year. I created the infographic based on the skills I’m currently learning in class.

See the original here.

The infographic was actually super fun to create! Despite how simple the graphic looks, making the whole thing took longer than I thought it would. I had to slightly edit the original because the original was too long. The program I used to create the graphs is called R Studio. Basically you input the data and write a couple lines of code and then the program gives you a generic graph based on what you told it to do.

Some insights:

» Ratings on books are subjective. I realized that everyone has different standards on what they think makes a book “good”. What I think merits five stars, doesn’t necessarily mean everyone believes that book deserves five stars. I developed this bad habit of not reading books if it received less than 4 stars but have broken out of this habit after I started rating the books I read. I realized I miss out on a lot of potentially good books this way!

» I make a lot of time to read. I realize that everyone has different reading speeds and really, the number of books you read isn’t really that important. After documenting all the books I read, I realized that I read at least one hour a day.

» I read a lot of urban fantasy and YA fantasy. Who knew?

» I rarely check out books. All the books I’ve read this year are books I’ve bought at the bookstore, including all the e-books. I wanted to include the amount of money I spent on books but forgot. So maybe I’ll do another infographic towards the end of the year and do that calculation then! But that probably means I’ve spent at least $200 dollars on books (so far). Which sounds like a lot of money but the only thing I spend my money are on books and food, haha.

Resources Used

I haven’t developed my other roll of film yet. I may try to finish a couple more rolls before I take them to the developer, so my part 2 California photo diary post may not be posted until a few weeks later.

Thanks for reading <3 Hope everyone had an awesome week!

8 thoughts on “On the Subject of Reading

  • This is an awesome infographic! I would love to do this for myself. Will definitely have to check out R Studio, although to buy to make on infographic wouldn’t make sense for me XD I’ll figure something out – haha.

    I used to not read books if their rating was bad, and it was the same for films as well. But then I realised that if the synopsis sounds good, then why shouldn’t I give it a chance?

    Girl, I am the same! People ask where my money goes because I complain about being broke all the time and I’m like, “Books and food, duh.” Lol.

  • I love the infographic! It’s very nicely done and does great at illustrating your reading habits.

    I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to read :(

    Thankfully, with the school year coming to an end, I’ll definitely be able to pick up some of my hobbies that I’ve been missing.

  • What a great idea! I like how you’ve been able to create it and learn something from it – in a more visual way. It’s great that you’re able to use the skills you’ve learnt in class! :D This has actually given me an idea to create a visual infographic on what I’ve learnt this year or during my placement year.

    I definitely agree. I don’t look at ratings for books or movies because it is entirely subjective and I just go to see or read it rather than looking at reviews like I used to! That way you can really get a rich amount of ‘reading’ or movie experience without other people’s judgement overriding it :)

    Thanks for writing this! I really enjoyed it :D

  • I love the infographic! I found the breakdown of genres really interesting. You read so much fantasy! Mine would definitely be swayed towards YA fiction in general, but I’m trying to start reading more general fiction again now. I’m so addicted to YA though!

    I’m not usually swayed by other people’s ratings, in fact I usually don’t read reviews until after I’ve read a book (usually just to check if other people agreed with my views on the book). Everyone has different views, and relying on ratings can mean you miss out on a great book sometimes!

    I’ve started making more time to read lately. I’ve been using all my travel time for reading and it’s made me so much happier than scrolling through social media ever did. Definitely going to be sticking to it!

    Money on books is definitely money well spent!

  • Dude, that’s really cool! Kudos to you for creating an infographic! This is such a great way to see your accomplishment from a visual standpoint. I wouldn’t have the patience to do an infographic from scratch, but I do like to share my stats in numerical standpoint XD;

    I can definitely say that Ebook versus Print would be like 90% to 10%, with the 10% being mangas. These days mangas/comics are the only thing I read in prints now. For non-illustrated books, I definitely just read the ebook version on my Kindle. Reading one-hour a day is good :D I make time for reading, too . . . so far I’ve read 61 books this year, but only five are new books. 56 of them are re-reads . . . and this doesn’t include all the fanfics I read on my Kindle LOLOL

  • This is a really pretty infographic! It’s so nice that you’re putting what you learned into good use, great job! :)

    I haven’t had time to read in ages! Well, for novels at least. Everything that I’ve read in the past year has all been school-related. LOL!

  • it never occur to me to create an infographic for books i’ve read. wow, you’re diligent! i don’t think i’d do that because i’m so lazy and when i design something, i can be like super picky and serious and waste all my effort on it. yeah, i’ll pass :))

    i haven’t read a lot of thriller lately. wait, when was the last time i read a thriller book? wow, i don’t remember but it has been SO long! i’m such a sucker for sci fi and fantasy that they’re the only two genre i always prioritize. it’s weird because i actually like me some bits and pieces of mystery and thriller haha

  • Yay! I love infographics. I would love to see how much money you’ve spent on books. (I have a budget/numbers obsession.) You’ve inspired me to get back on my project to do some data visualization on my running/steps/sleep data that I’ve collected over the years.

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