Navigating Between Two Cultures

I’m sure a lot of people can relate with this but I’ve always felt like I’ve been pulled in two separate directions. Among family and most my friends (now that I think about it) are Korean and every other part of my life, I’m American.

Growing up, I’ve always been told “You’re Korean!”

Yet when I talk to them, they always feel the need to explain what they’re saying in Korean because they think I don’t understand what they’re saying – I do. And it’s not like I don’t agree with them because I’m actually really proud of my Korean heritage. I think this is true especially because I’m American and I’m surrounded by many people who don’t know their full heritage. There’s also the fact that no one looks at me and automatically assumes that I’m American. They look at me and one of the first questions they ask is, “Where are you from?” Like it hadn’t occurred to them that I would every answer this question as, “I’m from the United States.”

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My Favorite Things – January

So it’s not February yet but it will be tomorrow and so I decided to go ahead and post this, haha. January, overall, was pretty uneventful but thought I would do a favorites post for all the great things I encountered and discovered. So here are my favorites from the month of January –

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Top Four Hidden Gems (or Books You May Not Know)

These are books that I think haven’t got much recognition but I feel deserve more. I’ve rated all of these books 4+ stars (or at least in my head I have). I originally tried to be as diverse as possible, genre-wise, but I only just started trying reading outside my favorite genres, so I didn’t succeed. But then again, I only know about these books because I read so much fantasy, so this list wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t like fantasy as a genre so much, haha.

Here’s a short summary (or key words) of each book and then longer summaries, along with some short personal thoughts about each book, if any catch your interest.

Nice Dragons Finish Last: Dragon Shapeshifters, Urban Fantasy, Mages, Spirits
The Legend of Eli Monpress: Wizards, Thieves, Swordsman, Demons, Goddesses
Deadly Class: Assassins, Assassin High School, 1980s, San Francisco, Graphic Novel
Brave Story: For RPG/Manga Fans, Adventure, Quest

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