Life Update: Episode 5

It actually wasn’t that long ago but it still feels like I have blogged in forever.


This is just a short reflection but I’ve been re-reading my favorite books, The Stormlight Archive, and was thinking why do I like these books so much? A lot of the times, I hear people saying that they like certain books because they’re relatable. But what does it mean when a book is relatable? And then I realized that maybe “relatable” means something different for every reader. For me, “relatable” means relatable characters. I know lots of people who dislike fantasy because everything isn’t real. It’s make believe. But for me, fantasy is a genre that’s limitless. It’s where writers can show off the creativity of human imagination and transport you to a world that is completely unlike your own.

So how can a world that is completely unlike your own be relatable?

And I realized that (for me) characters have to be someone you can relate to. Personally, I have a hard time reading books that don’t have 3D characters. They don’t have to be likable but I have to be able to believe they could be actual people. Of course, there have to be other factors. Unexpected plots points help. But characters are really important. Often epic fantasy features a lot of characters. Like a lot, a lot. It’s one of the reasons I can’t read Game of Thrones because there are too many characters who feel like the main character. I like Sanderson because even though there are different viewpoints, you know (for now at least) there are only 3 main characters.


This December Big Bang and Sechskies are coming out with new albums/songs. Sechskies is just a new version of all their old songs, so I’m kind of apprehensive. Originals are usually better, so keeping my fingers crossed that the new album is good. On the plus side, they’ve been appearing on a lot of varieties!


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Or at least those of you who live in the United States. My family doesn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving but it’s a nice excuse to meet with family and friends and have a nice dinner.

Christmas is coming up and our Sunday school is doing a Christmas concert this year. To be honest, Sunday school is stressing me out and I’ll be glad when it’s over. I’ve been having a hard time controlling my class but at least I’m not crying every week. I decided that this year would be the last year I’m doing it, so I can just concentrate on taking mass.

I also decided to take an on-campus class next quarter. For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently an online graduate student. At my university, we have the option of taking our electives on campus. I’m really excited! My schedule this quarter is packed because of my internship/directed fieldwork, so it’s hard trying to make time for studying. It’ll be nice being at school.