Beliefs vs Works

I’ve been thinking about the question of an author’s moral character and the body of work they produce. Sometimes I say it matters. But sometimes I say it doesn’t matter. And then I realize I’m being contradictory and/or hypocritical and what do I really think?

A couple of examples are the authors Orson Scott Card and Marion Zimmer Bradley. Both are well known authors in their genre and I’ve read at least the Ender’s Game, which is amazing, and The Lost Gate, which was also pretty good. I was also going to read Bradley’s Avalon series but then I heard about her scandal. Which was basically that she had been sexually assaulting her daughter and also had been protecting another child rapist. And then there’s Orson Scott Card, who is very conservative with strong views on controversial subjects.

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Life Diary: Episode 9 [Part 2]

Finally! My film finally got developed and I’m very satisfied at how most of them turned out. I, of course, have loads and loads of room to improve but so far, I’m having lots of fun taking pictures. I used a couple of different types of film for these pictures but am not sure which film goes with which picture. All pictures in the post are unedited. 

Warning: Lots of pictures

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Sketches 170714

I can’t develop my rolls of film until next Tuesday (7/18) because I don’t get paid until then, so I decided to post a few of the sketches I’ve done so far this past month. I’m not sure anyone remembers but one of my goals this year was to fill up my sketchbook. The sketchbook I’m currently using is from the Bee Paper Company and is 6″ x 4″  with 93 lb paper.

This is perfect because I was looking for something hand sized but with thicker paper. Eventually I want to get good enough to sketch original characters but so far I’ve been using references.

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