Life Diary: Episode 9 [Part 1]

Hopefully this will become a thing now but I want to make it a goal to include my film pictures in each of my life updates. My “Photo Diary” and “Life Update” series has been combined, so now both of those will be under “Life Diary” instead.

I originally was going to wait to post this until my rolls of film were developed but I thought “eh”. If I have a post idea, I should just post it! Maybe I’m not in the blogging slump I thought I was. So this is┬ápart 1 and┬ápart 2 will come most likely towards the end of next week. I might do one of these every month, divided into two different parts.

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Top Picks

I realized I haven’t made a post about my favorite books and realized what a travesty that was, so decided to make one. Also, posts about books make me the happiest, so why not? Right? I tried to categorize my list but let’s be honest – I’m not the most diverse reader, haha.

So here is the list of books that I consider to be the “best” – at least out of the books I’ve read so far. These books aren’t in any particular order.

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Life Approaches

This is something that occurred to me one day, before I went to bed.

On my blog I do a few reflections. I probably do at least a couple reflections per month. This isn’t anything I planned – just something that happened. However, I wanted to talk about human life experiences. I believe that every human is different. Every single human has lived life differently than another person. They’ve gone through different personal experiences that make them, them.

That goes for me and that goes for anyone reading this post. Even those who haven’t read this post!

And because each human experience is different, there are life approaches that work differently for every individual.

When I do personal reflections, they’re judgements I make about my own character. If you relate in some way to these reflections, great! And if you feel you’ve gone through some of those experiences but have a different opinion, that’s awesome too! What I’m trying to say is that there is no “wrong” or “right” approach.

There is just a “you” approach.

Each and every human and every animal and every plant and even every bug are beautiful individuals. And I’m not talking about the physical sense but in every other sense.

So I want to tell anyone reading this – you are a beautiful human being! You’re awesome! I wish I could sincerely give everyone I meet through my blog a gigantic hug. Not only because I would be happy to see you but because you are all awesome human beings who deserve every bit of happiness that comes your way. I am always grateful that I can meet people who think deeply and can share thoughtful conversations with.


Thanks for reading!

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