Saying vs Doing

These days I’ve been trying to be more positive and that includes voicing less complaints. One thing I realized about myself is that complaining out loud will do nothing to change anything. I also try to consider whether or not I can change a situation before I voice a complaint or not. An example of this might include –

“It’s so cold outside” after standing outside with my sister.

Versus something I could possibly change –

“It’s so cold” after standing inside the store I work where the fans are running.

I realized that even if I complain, complaining doesn’t make anything better. It doesn’t even make me feel better. And after realizing this about myself, I also realized that genuinely voicing compliments does make me feel better, especially if that person genuinely likes the compliment. Another realization is that being and acting more positive is like a happy drug. I feel better about myself and less stressed out about situations I can’t control.

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Quick Update

As I’ve been posting less, I’ve been wanting to simply my blog. So this is the simplified version. I actually wanted to simplify it more but this will have to do for now. The theme was made from the Generic Wordpress starter theme. I decided to make it Sailor Moon themed. The theme is a work-in-progress!

One reason I decided to design the theme myself (not that the changes are drastic) is because I’ve been feeling unmotivated when it comes to my blog and also feeling unmotivated when it comes to browsing other blogs. So hopefully I’ll become more motivated and not as lazy!

That’s all! Thanks for reading. I will be posting something new soon.

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Privilege & Other Things

One thing I have discovered recently (shamefully) is that privilege isn’t just about the color of your skin. This is a topic that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently and something I realized about myself, is despite the fact that I’m a person of color, I have a lot of privilege other people may not have.

Here is a list of privileges, with the ones I have in bold (and obviously the ones that aren’t in bold I don’t have). This list was pulled from Buzzfeed, but you can get different lists on different sites. I recommend everyone read through the whole list – even though I know it’s a long list – as these are all different privileges you and I may or may not have.

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