On the Subject of Reading

This post may not be interesting for most people but I was in the mood to create something, so I decided to create an infographic (from scratch!!) on the books I’ve read so far this year. I created the infographic based on the skills I’m currently learning in class.

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Why is it so hard to be social?

I’ve always knew I’ve found interacting with other people really difficult. But I’ve been taking more on-campus classes this past couple quarters and I realized that I really have trouble talking to people.

So if you see someone in your class not saying anything to the point of being rude and basically sucking at group work, please don’t blame them because they could just be horribly bad at interacting with other people.

Sometimes I wonder how I am going to survive in the work world but I feel like I do OK at work right now? And I work in retail at the front counter… so I basically see people and talk to people all the time.

I was just thinking about this because I had some group work during class today. We had made plans to meet about 30 minutes before class started but one of my group mates sent out an e-mail asking if we wanted to meet earlier. I pretended not to see the e-mail though because she hadn’t really asked so I thought it wasn’t that urgent. But I get there 30 minutes before class and I realize that my group had already completed the majority of the work and I basically did nothing.

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Photo Diary: Los Angeles & Anaheim April 3rd – April 5th (Part 1)

I got my film developed from a local place called Ken’s Camera. It’s about 5 minutes away from where I live, so it’s really convenient! Last week, I went to California with my sister and a couple friends to a trip to Los Angeles and Anaheim (for Disneyland). It was my first time, so I […]

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