Photo Diary: Los Angeles & Anaheim April 3rd – April 5th (Part 1)

I got my film developed from a local place called Ken’s Camera. It’s about 5 minutes away from where I live, so it’s really convenient! Last week, I went to California with my sister and a couple friends to a trip to Los Angeles and Anaheim (for Disneyland). It was my first time, so I was actually pretty excited.

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t agree with my sensitive skin and the skin condition I have (found out recently it’s not acne) flared up. It made me thankful for Seattle’s cool weather!

Day 1

We arrived Sunday night and went straight to sleep. The next day, we went to explore Los Angeles. I appreciated the diversity. There are tons of different shops that don’t exist in Seattle so it was really interesting to look at. In particular, we visited Little Tokyo and K-Town. K-Town was definitely sketchier compared to Little Tokyo but still fun to explore!

Later, we walked and got our nails done. The shop we went to is called Nailbox and it was within walkable distance of Little Tokyo.


Day 2

On Tuesday, we went to Disneyland. This was my first time going and honestly, I had high expectations for it. But maybe I hyped it too much because aside from the parade and the fireworks, everything was just OK. I felt like most of the rides were geared towards children and their families, so maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I were younger?

Apparently, we went during peak season so all the lines for the rides were really long. The rides themselves were also not that fun, except for maybe the Indiana Jones one. Still, I’m glad I went because now I can check that off my list!

Day 3

The next day, we went to Universal Studios in Hollywood and Universal Studios was so much fun! Much better than Disneyland, I feel like. We rode the Harry Potter ride first because we knew the line would be long and it was literally one of the best rides there. Most of the rides were simulations though, which are interesting the first few times but after a while I kind of got a headache :/


I, unfortunately, don’t have my other roll of film developed yet. I still have 10 pictures left so I’ll continue the rest of this post whenever I get a chance to develop that roll. We stayed until April 6th, so I’ll have more Universal Studio and beach pictures to share. I’m a little worried because the film was supposed to be on ISO 400 but it was on ISO 200 the whole time. But I was using Portra and I heard that it develops okay on ISO 200, so I’ll guess I have to see if any of the pictures turned out all right.

I’m both satisfied and unsatisfied at the way the pictures turned out. I think I need more practice! One of the pictures has a light strip? Which I’m not completely sure how that happened or what it is even, so if anyone has any kind of idea that would be awesome!

Thanks for reading and happy Easter (for those of you who celebrate)!

9 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Los Angeles & Anaheim April 3rd – April 5th (Part 1)

  • These photos turned out really well! The clarity is amazing. I think film can be pretty flexible with ISO in terms of pushing and pulling if you’re interested in that. It’s also possible to adjust during developing, so you can also let your place know if you set it on ISO 200 instead of 400.

    Happy easter :)

  • i’m crying over these photos! and i’m so damn jealous of you for having a place that can develop your rolls, haha. aaah, i wish i can play with my analog film again… all my unused film rolls are wasted and it sucks since i don’t want them to turn into collective junk. oh well. did i mention i’m also jealous of your trip? lol

    these photos are so well-taken! i also happen to love light leaks and you have one photo with an obvious light leak there, i like it! :D
    your analog photos are so much better than mine when i first practiced it. you sure have the talent, gurl *thumbs up* keep up the good work! oh oh, i’d love to see you try the multiple exposure technique in the future, that’d be fuuun!

  • I absolutely love those pictures you took! I really wish I could go some time too, but I’m a broke university student atm so I’ll just try to be happy by just looking at your photos lmao I can’t wait to see the other ones you took!
    Happy Easter!

  • It’s pretty cool to see you visiting LA! I was definitely out of town when you dropped by. Even though I lived in LA my whole life, I’ve never been to K-Town before. I’ve heard that K-Town is a bit sketchy but has a lot of AYCE KBBQ!

    Disneyland!!! I literally go here every weekend for almost a year already XD. It is peak season thanks to Spring Break so the long lines is definitely not a good attribute to the experience. However, still glad you got to drop by. I haven’t been to Universal’s since the HP setup was debuted. Glad you enjoyed your time there!

    Looking forward to seeing more pictures from your trip down here! I love the pictures you’ve taken. The HP castle looks very magical.

  • That’s so neat you found a place close to where you live to develop your phtos. Very convenient, indeed!

    Huzzah for travelling! I’ve never been to LA or Anaheim, so I enjoyed seeing your photos and excerpts. I know about K-Town in LA, but I somehow missed the fact about Little Tokyo! I have heard K-Town being a bit sketchy, but it sounds like it’s still a neat area to check out :)

    I’ve never been to any of the Disney parks. I would like to visit one, but I’ll pay extra for the express pass. Those lines at the park reminds me of the lines I endured at Universal Studios in Japan. That was not fun, and that was when I realised an express pass would be worth it for me XD;; Love your Disney photos, btw!!!! They are wonderfully taken :D

    And yessss! You went to Universal Studios. I would return there for the Harry Potter stuff! I love their chocolate frogs and butterbeer!

  • It’s so cool that you got to visit LA! I’ve always wanted to go. It’s a shame Disneyland wasn’t as good as you were expecting, but at least you got to see it. I’d still love to go, but I hate rides so I probably wouldn’t mind that they were tailored towards young children. And I bet the atmosphere is amazing.

    Glad you enjoyed Universal Studios more! The HP ride sounds great. I don’t think I could cope with all the queues though, but, then, I’m not a ride person. I’m more used to carrying peoples bags while chilling in the cafe!

    I love the pictures you took! They look great!

  • I think the photos look good! I haven’t been to Disneyland or World in a long time, but I felt like the appeal was the atmosphere and themed places. Places like Universal Studios and Six Flags seem to have way better rides (especially if you’re a roller coaster fan). I’m glad you had a lot of fun at Universal Studios at least!

    That’s odd about the light streak! I know if there’s black bars on the top or bottom, it’d be an issue with the shutter, but that’s not the case here. I’ve heard that light leaks could be a problem for film, though that one is quite bright! I hope you figure it out!

  • Oooh I have yet to visit Japantown and K-town in LA. Hopefully I can squeeze it in next month. I love your photos and I don’t think I can capture anything as well as you do. They’re all stylistically charming. I can’t wait to see your next set of photos!

    I also love Universal Studio way more than Disneyland. But that could be due to my infinite love for Harry Potter. But even before HP, I think I felt a bit too old for Disneyland when I went in high school. I’m not too crazy about roller coasters and rides as much as I used to be when I was in middle school.

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